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Russia To Adopt Ripple (XRP)? Find Out Why this is Big for this Altcoin


BRICS may adopt Ripple for inter-trade settlement, and we want to see how this will affect XRP and other altcoins. 

If you want the best altcoins for the next bull run, consider using Ripple (XRP) and RCO Finance (RCOF). Tension between world superpowers is rising, and all sides are preparing for the fallout. 

President Vladimir Putin of Russia recently announced that BRICS may be developing its independent payment system. Keep reading to see if XRP and RCOF will play a part in the coming financial war games.  

How Will RCO Finance Benefit from BRICS’s Decision?

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BRICS is a powerful organization that is reshaping global dynamics. If these nations adopt Ripple as a payment system, altcoin investors will see a massive surge in the value of their tokens. 

As a result, these altcoin investors will need financial advisors, fund managers, and brokers to help them manage their expanded portfolio. But here is the exciting part: instead of paying professionals to perform these tasks, RCO Finance has built an independent AI/ML-based crypto trading platform.

With RCO Finance, users can leverage an AI-based crypto robo advisor to guide their investment analysis. These RCO Finance AI robo-advisors can help you draft specific investment strategies based on your risk appetite, market conditions, and personal financial targets.

Additionally, RCO Finance is a smart financial platform that does not require any trading or market experience. So, you can start right away and reach the crypto glory you have always dreamt of.

BRICS May Adopt XRP for International Trade Settlements

A few years ago, some powerful countries formed BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). The sole aim of this organization was to protect themselves from Western influence and US domination.

As expected, tensions have escalated between Russia and the US, leading to subsequent economic sanctions. These events accelerated President Putin’s plan to avoid the US dollar and the US-managed SWIFT system.

Therefore, Putin announced that BRICS is developing an independent payment system. According to rumors around the crypto market, the Central Bank of Russia will likely use Ripple’s XRP to settle cross-border payments.

Crypto market experts have noted that if BRICS eventually adopts Ripple, the value of XRP and other altcoins will soar, and the crypto industry will enter the next stage of its evolution. 

Altcoin Investors Go All in on RCOF for the Best Returns!

In addition to providing users with advisors, RCO Finance offers 12,500 different asset classes and no KYC debit cards. RCOF holders will also have exclusive access to customer support, governance voting rights, reduced trading fees, staking, airdrops, and more.

All these benefits pushed savvy altcoin traders to be bullish on RCOF, the native utility token on ROC Finance.

Luckily, RCOF is going on presale soon, and altcoin investors are all in on accumulating RCOF tokens. RCOF is currently in Stage 1 of its presale, valued at $0.01275.

After the presale stages end, RCOF will list on major crypto exchanges and trade for $0.4. That means investors can earn up to 3,000% in returns by the end of the presale!

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

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