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Trader That Made $1 Million with PEPE Turns Bullish on Crypto AI: FET, AGIX, and RCOF on His Radar

AI cryptocurrencies take prominence as PEPE millionaires shift attention to FET, AGIX, and RCOF. Discover how you can benefit from this AI token boom, too. 

A successful PEPE trader has pivoted to AI-based cryptocurrencies as AI technology grows in popularity and adoption. This investor is considering and SingularityNET (AGIX). 

However, RCO Finance(RCOF), a new AI-powered trading platform, has also caught his attention with its revolutionary offerings and lucrative presale. 

How can other investors join this smart trader to benefit from RCO Finance’s features? The answer is below. 

PEPE Millionaire Considers RCO Finance For Its Efficient AI Use

A PEPE trader looking to replicate his success in other crypto narratives has chosen RCO Finance as he pivots to AI cryptocurrencies. This is because of RCO Finance’s groundbreaking adoption of artificial intelligence to improve trading and investment in DeFi. 

RCO Finance runs a decentralized trading platform that uses AI algorithms to create and administer liquidity pools that facilitate seamless trading. The platform also features an AI robo-advisor

This advisor utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze market trends, discover opportunities, and execute trades on the trader’s behalf. 

This AI Assistant helps traders save the cost of hiring expensive financial advisors, helps novice investors take to trading easily, and reduces the effect of human bias on trading. It makes trading much more accessible and increases the chances of success. 

In addition to impressively harnessing AI, RCO Finance allows users to trade perpetual derivatives (pre-DO) on the platform. This feature allows them to access derivatives like options, swaps, futures, and ETFs in a secure, transparent, and reliable platform.

Finally, the PEPE trader has been attracted by RCO Finance’s profitable presale. The presale is in Stage 1, and RCOF, the negative token, is sold for $0.0127. RCOF will rise to $0.0343 in Stage 2, netting early investors a 169% gain. The token will eventually rise to $0.4 at launch, helping Stage 1 participants earn a huge 3000% profit.  

FET’s Pump Turns Investors’ Heads

The past year has been favorable for AI-related cryptocurrencies like This is because of the developments and growing adoption of artificial intelligence for personal and commercial uses. AI cryptos have performed much better than the rest of the market, with FET gaining 650% year-on-year, much higher than BTC’s 105% gain in the same period.

The trend continues as NVIDIA, a corporation that manufactures the chips that power AI systems, recently became the most valuable company in the world. This news also boosted FET’s price by 35.2% in the past seven days, even as most of the market suffered price declines. 

This potential for further growth as the AI industry expands is why this successful PEPE investor is interested in FET. Analysts predict that FET can rise to $2.00 by next year as the AI boom intensifies. 

AI Industry Developments Trigger Interest In AGIX

AGIX has recently become the latest interest of a big PEPE trader. Experts say this is closely related to the AI industry’s recent boom. Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that has captured the world’s attention because of its ability to make processes much more efficient. This interest and enthusiasm concerning this industry has also transformed into increased speculation on AI-affiliated cryptocurrencies like AGIX. 

Consequently, AGIX has gained 191% in the past 12 months. The recent announcement of NVIDIA’s new status as the most valuable company in the world also helped AGIX gain 32.7% in the past week, spurring additional interest in the token. 

Analysts predict that AGIX could rise to $0.83 within a year during the ongoing AI boom. 

RCOF Offers The Best Profit Opportunities

RCOF is the most profitable of these AI cryptos. By investing $100, early users could yield as much as 3000% and turn their capital into $10,000 or more, surpassing the current performance of the crypto market and similar AI tokens. 

In addition, investors who join RCO Finance get premium access to a cutting-edge trading and investment platform. Therefore, investors looking to become crypto millionaires like this PEPE trader can now see that RCOF offers the best chance to achieve this goal.

Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and become one of the early RCOF users ready to yield massive gains.  

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

Visit RCO Finance Presale

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