Thursday, January 27, 2022

Alexandra Yetter

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Alexandra Yetter is a college intern at Blockchain News. She attends Columbia College Chicago where she is underway to earn her bachelor's degree in journalism. Her work has also appeared on Her Campus.

Quantum Computing Will Impact Blockchain Technology — Find Out How

Many cryptocurrency followers worry that quantum computing processing power could impact digital signatures due to its computing algorithms, threatening the security of crypto protocols....

Behind the Scenes of Ivan on Tech’s Crypto YouTube Channel

In 2013, when bitcoin was valued at just $100 USD, Ivan Liljeqvist was introduced to Bitcoin by a friend in high school. Coming from...

Taking on Alexa and Cortana, Snips Debuts Blockchain-Based AI Assistant

Paris and New York-based startup Snips on Wednesday announced a blockchain-based artificial intelligence (AI) assistant device similar to Google’s Home device. Snips AIR will...

Trump Delivers Executive Order to Establish Crypto Fraud Investigations Task Force

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on July 11 establishing a cryptocurrency fraud investigations unit. The order focuses on protecting consumers in a...

How Vitalik Buterin’s “Burn in Hell” Comment Sparked Discussion on Centralized Exchanges

In an interview with a reporter from TechCrunch on July 6, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin commented, “I definitely personally hope centralized exchanges burn in...

Google Missed Out on the Blockchain Frontier: Sergey Brin

“We probably already failed to be on the bleeding edge , I’ll be honest,” Google co-founder and president of parent company Alphabet, Sergey Brin,...

FinTank Panel: Blockchain Beyond Banking

From a local level to a global scale; from individual networks to intertwining ones; from government-implemented to startup-created -- these are just a few...

Bancor Set to Reactivate After $13.5 Million USD Security Breach

Token platform Bancor went offline following a security breach July 9 that resulted in the theft of roughly $13.5 million USD worth of ether...

Walmart Files Patent to Use Blockchain in Securing Package Deliveries

Retail giant Walmart filed another blockchain-focused patent on July 5 that looks to improve their product delivery system, making it harder for “porch pirates”...

YouTube Named in Class-Action Lawsuit Against BitConnect

Video-sharing website YouTube has been added as a defendant in a class-action lawsuit, filed July 3, in connection to the collapse of BitConnect, a...


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