Thursday, December 2, 2021


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Cryptocurrency Update from GlobalBlock

Cryptocurrency analysis from David Thomas, Director and Co-Founder of GlobalBlock: Another torrid week for the cryptocurrency market has seen prices continue to fall with Bitcoin plunging...

To the blockchain and beyond: are security tokens the third wave in Fintech?

In a competitive landscape, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) funding has become a tough nut to crack. With various ICO scandals leaving a sour taste...

Creating a Safer Working Environment For Freelancers With Blockchain

By Peter Dendis The internet has completely changed the nature of freelance work. Nowadays, freelance workers in all fields from web design to search engine optimization...

Guest Post: How To Open Bank Account for Crypto Business – a Detailed Survey

by Viktor Banerdzhi We at the TRASTRA team were in a long search for a bank to open operational and current accounts - but like many...

Blockchain in Africa: The next frontier

What kind of solutions can blockchain technology offer the continent? Is Africa on the road to becoming a blockchain hub? Africa is rising and technology...

UK’s Fastest Growing Online Pharmacy, UK Meds, to Implement Blockchain Technology with Stratis

Stratis, the company making blockchain easy, today announces a partnership with UK Meds, the UK’s fastest growing online pharmacy. The agreement sees UK Meds...

Will Blockchain Revive the Banner Ad?

Remember when every website used to have a banner ad emblazoned across the top of the page? Not anymore. Banner ads were all the...

Blockchain Meets REIT – A New Era in Real Estate Investing

Building Block, Inc. has announced it is the first North American REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) to embrace the emerging efficiencies of blockchain technology and...

How GXS Built the Blockcity: Own and Secure Data with 1.8 million Others

“Blockcity is the largest and most active blockchain community in China, and even in the whole world,” says Yunpeng Ding, GXChain Regional Manager North...

HER Private Placement, Unlocked for the First Time

Hero Node has officially launched its Lock-in Incentive and Revenue Sharing program. Since now the price of the currency is rather low, locking the...


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