Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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First Look at a Cell Phone Made Just for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Sirin Finney is in development stages for a blockchain cell phone made specifically for cryptocurrency holders. The phone features a cold wallet system with...

How a Blog Post Can Break Silicon Valley’s Glass Ceiling

Men make up more than 90 percent of the cryptocurrency space, as numerous surveys has reported. In Silicon Valley — the tech startup capital...

Professional Hacker Breaks Down Scenes from “Ocean’s 8”

Hollywood films aren’t typically lauded for their realism, especially the ever-popular heist movies that usually include some deus ex machinas to help the characters...

Jimmy Song on Why It’s Hard to “HODL”

In 2018, the price of coins such as bitcoin, ether and litecoin have steadily decreased, causing many holders to cash out in a flash...

Introducing Fraction/al from the Founders of CoinLaunch

The founders of CoinLaunch have launched Fraction/al — a new brand focused on the creation, exchange and management of fractional high-value, illiquid assets using...


Blockchain News is looking for a dynamic, forward-thinking Editor-in-Chief to help build and lead its worldwide editorial team. Blockchain News is building an independent,...

Features Editor

Blockchain News is looking for an inventive features editor who can train, recruit and shape cutting-edge feature reporters to cover blockchain culture and technology....

Data Journalist

Blockchain News is looking for a energetic, must-know-it-all Data Journalist as part of its worldwide editorial team. We want a Reddit/social media maven who...

Editorial Intern

Blockchain News is currently hiring editorial interns in its newsroom division. Blockchain News is building an independent, must-read daily resource for information and commentary...

Sales Representative

Blockchain News is looking for an energetic, resourceful sales rep who can help build our sales pipeline and open new accounts. Must be digitally-savvy...