Wednesday, December 8, 2021


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Algo-Affiliates: Affiliate Marketing in The Cryptocurrency Industry

In an age of increasing decentralization, affiliate marketing is becoming the preferred strategy, not only for businesses that implement it but also for the...

How Blockchain Technology Is Changing The Online Gambling Industry

Now and then, new technologies keep emerging that threaten to disrupt the existing status quo continually. One of the best illustrations of this disruption...

Mintdice – Playing it Fair with Blockchain

Blockchain innovation has recently made it possible to be more transparent and secure, something that was previously not possible in traditional casinos. Blockchain is the technology that has now...

Revain Blockchain-based Review Platform’s Advantages Over Existing Review Sites

Imagine this! You would want to get goods or services from a platform but are not so sure of how well they would satisfy...

Blockchain Startup Global Funeral Care Cut New Deals at LATOKEN Blockchain Forum in London

Global Funeral Care, a startup that develops a blockchain-based platform that enables fully customizable funerals and creates economically productive relationships between organizations operating in...

Blockchain is the New and Improved ID Verification

Identity theft has been a serious issue in today’s digital world. Worldwide groups of hackers are breaching systems on a regular basis. Not just...

Crypto payments for Small and Medium Business are Becoming a New Reality

While the second half of 2019 has come and we may again face the beginning of a bull rally in the cryptocurrency market. Assessing...

Cryptocurrency Education Company Cryptowisser Now Lists More Than 500 Exchanges

The cryptocurrency education company Cryptowisser has just expanded its free-of-charge Cryptocurrency Exchange List from 250 to 500 exchanges. The expansive list compares cryptocurrencies, fees...

Consensus 2019: Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain in China & the U.S.

Since 2015, Consensus ,  the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology worlds organized by CoinDesk ,  has attracted academics, policymakers, major companies, developers, founders...

What do Banks Need to Know About Virtual Currencies Right Now?

The time has come for banks to decide if they will be leaders or followers in Virtual Currencies. To help them take the first...


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