Blockchain News Code of Ethics

Blockchain News is a publisher of news and original journalism covering the nascent blockchain innovation sector. Kicking off in 2015, Blockchain News was the first online publication to focus on what can be done with Blockchain technology outside of Bitcoin.

Five core values guide our work: accuracy, independence, collaboration, fairness and transparency. All Blockchain News employees are responsible for ensuring our work lives up to these ideals.

We regard the Blockchain News constituents as important stakeholders in our ethics process. We post the guidelines here to share the aspirations that guide our work and to issue an invitation to others to hold Blockchain News accountable. If you have questions or concerns, please write to and we’ll respond.

The values cited in this document are rooted in Blockchain News’s dedication to covering this new industry and promotes excellence and integrity in the practice of craft and the practical leadership of successful technology businesses. It stands for technology journalism that informs citizens, builds community and enlightens public discourse.

At Blockchain News, we do our best to make sure that everything we publish is accurate and true to the facts. This ranges from the easily confirmed, e.g. the spelling of names, to the nuanced and more debatable, e.g. characterizations of political initiatives. We strive to be inclusive in our coverage so that we reflect a wide range of perspectives and experiences. While we encourage creativity and experimentation in work, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to accuracy.

We maintain high standards of reporting, writing and editing to produce work that is as error-free as possible. We create and edit our journalism in ways aimed at anticipating problem areas, reducing mistakes and correcting them as quickly and transparently as we can. We provide timely responses, clear corrections and prominent acknowledgments that a mistake was made and addressed. We credit the authors and creators of the various forms of journalism we publish. We apply appropriate scrutiny to work by staff and contributing writers to prevent plagiarism, intentional or otherwise. We do not intentionally mislead with words or images. We do not deliberately deceive as we gather information. We encourage the best possible work within the limits of our resources. While we value timeliness, particularly in service to our constituents on deadline, we value accuracy more. 

We are an independent publishing company, based in The Netherlands under Kastelein Holding B.V. – and  we retain editorial control over what we write, and we disclose relationships or any potential conflicts of interest between writers and subjects. Blockchain News editorial content is created for our audience of journalists and citizens who value journalism.

In order to fulfill its mission, Blockchain News must cultivate and nourish relationships throughout the broader blockchain technology community. These relationships make us smarter, more relevant and more capable of supporting the growth of the industry. We encourage these ties to entities and individuals, whom we rely on for advice from those working in the industry who  provide a variety of resources.  While we retain independent control over all our editorial content, we frequently turn to our partners for their expertise.

We strive to act justly, to respect people and their privacy, to present different points of view and to minimize harm. These guidelines serve as checks and balances on the perspectives and personal biases that each of us brings to our journalism.

We strive to be fair in what we publish and in the ways in which we interact with subjects and consumers of our coverage and do our best to acknowledge relevant points of view and represent them in an even-handed way, especially when they conflict with our own. We reach out to the subjects we cover for comment. We provide accessible ways to challenge us (a note to is the quickest), and we respond promptly and with a purpose.

We shine a light on our own journalistic processes, explaining how and why we make decisions. We do our best to disclose relevant information that may have influenced or affected our decisions. We provide readers with sufficient information about who we are, how we work, how Blockchain News is financed, etc. to provide meaningful context for them to assess and judge the material we publish and teach. All non-news content is clearly labeled as “Sponsored Content” or “From the Institute,” to delineate the distinction. Ads that promote sponsored content will be clearly labeled “Advertising.” When funders underwrite a content area on Blockchain or a newsletter, that page or content is labeled within or immediately below the header.