Monday, October 18, 2021
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Tag: CDN

Global CDN Blockstack Launches Stacks 2.0 – Servers Driven by Blockchain including Proof of Transfer (PoX) Aimed at User-Owned Internet

Global Content Distribution Network (CDN) and Cloudflare competitor Blockstack has launched Stacks 2.0 Public - a public testnet release that will allow blockchain developers...

Cindicator Brings AI and Collective Intelligence to Drive 47% Investment Yield Per Annum

Developer of Hybrid Intelligence platform, Cindicator uses millions of decentralized predictions from non-professional analysts and machine learning algorithms to provide hedge funds and institutional...

Chinese Video Hosting Service Youku First to Trial BlockCDNs Blockchain Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Chinese company BlockCDN are creating a bank of computing resources from crowdsourced bandwidth, offering competitive prices to content providers. BlockCDN's blockchain-based service has attracted...

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