Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Anthony Akentiev: A first look at R3 Corda

R3 is a Blockchain technology company that leads a consortium of more than 70 banks/financial institutions. It took them more than one year to build...

R3 Raises Less than Half of What they Wanted from Banks for Blockchain Funding

Blockchain consortium R3 CEV has only managed to pique the interest of its member banks to invest $59 million in the company’s first funding...

Plans Unveiled for R3s Corda to Move to Open Source

R3 will soon be open-sourcing Corda. Here’s what to expect. As head of Technolgoy Richard Brown confirmed a few months back, R3’s Corda platform will...

Goldman Sachs and Santander Bail Out of Blockchain Consortium R3

According to a report in the The Wall Street Journal, Goldman Sachs has left international Blockchain consortium R3, but state they intend to keep developing...

R3 Blockchain Consortium to Open Source Corda Platform – Make Available to Linux Hyperledger

In an unprecedented move for the financial industry who are traditionally bound to proprietary software, banking Blockchain consortium and powerhouse R3 says it hopes...

R3 Rolls Out Trade Finance Solution Using Blockchain Technology

The R3 Blockchain consortium and over 15 of its member banks have successfully completed two prototypes that demonstrate how distributed ledger technology can address...

R3 Reveals New Blockchain Platform Called Corda

The CTO of R3, Richard G Brown, has revealed today they are working on a distributed ledger platform for financial services called Corda.I’m delighted...