Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Korea Looks to Blockchain for New Digital Currency

The government of Korea plans to set aside 3 trillion won (USD $2.65 billion) in financial support over the next three years for the development...

Blockstream Hires Hashcash Inventor Dr. Adam Back as CEO

Blockstream, the leader in Blockchain and related technologies, today announced that its board of directors unanimously appointed the company's co-founder Dr. Adam Back as...

Banks of England to Further Explore Blockchain – Open to Central Bank Digital Currency

Due to the murder of UK Labour MP Jo Cox, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney cancelled his speech called "Enabling the FinTech transformation: Revolution, Restoration,...

Dutch Digital Currency Gulden Adds IBAN and SEPA support to Mobile Wallets

Gulden, A Dutch mobile-centric smart digital currency has just announced their new app update will allow their users to now also wire money to...

People’s Bank of China To Issue Digital Currency, Looking At Blockchain

A short two weeks since Tunisia announced plans to move their digital currency, the eDinar, to Blockchain technology, the People's Bank of China, China's central...