Friday, December 3, 2021
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Lloyd’s of London Looks to Blockchain to Reduce Friction in Insurance Market

On 18 November a seminar, hosted by Lloyd’s, brought together successful technology entrepreneurs and leaders from the London insurance market to debate the risks...

Nick Szabo – History of the Blockchain

Last Friday, at the Devcon 1 conference in London, Nick Szabo took the stage to talk about blockchain, smart contracts and Ethereum.Szabo, a blockchain...

Video: Bank of England Talks Blockchain at Open Forum 2015

In  a “Livery Room” session during the recent Open Forum 2015 hosted by the Bank of England, blockchain expert Blythe Masters points out the efficiency of the blockchain...

Billon to Bring Blockchain Payments to Twitch – World’s First blockchain That Enables Government Currency Transactions

Polish/UK Blockchain company Billon is going to offer Twitch content producers the opportunity to receive 'tips' from fans that completely bypass the banking system. To gather...

Blockchain Technology and The Architecture of the Firm

From reducing transaction costs with vertical integration and networks to their near complete elimination with the advent of the world wide ledger.

Don Tapscott: Rethinking the Digital Economy

Twenty years ago, Don Tapscott wrote the ground-breaking book "The Digital Economy." He was right about some things and off the mark on others....

Alex Tapscott discusses the digital revolution, the next generation of the internet, and the blockchain

Alex Tapscott discusses the digital revolution, the next generation of the internet, and the blockchain.

Keynote: Don Tapscott on Blockchain

Keynote: Don Tapscott with Intro by Mihaela Ulieru - Stanford 2015

Ethereum: Introduction and ecosystem

Episode 1: Introduction and ecosystemBy Jeffrey Wilcke and Stephan TualFor more information about Ethereum please visit https://www.ethereum.org

Blockchain based Voting, using a Counterparty Token

http://coinrepublic.com/ This is a demonstration of how additional tokens on top of the bitcoin blockchain can be used for transparent voting in a hackathon.

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