Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Blockchain-Fueled Waves Platform Integrated in Microsoft Azure

The Waves Platform, a decentralized crowdfunding platform developed in Russia, is now available in the Microsoft Azure Blockchain as a Service cloud (BaaS). With Waves...

ChronoBank Plans to Use Multiple Blockchains

ChronoBank has announced they plan to use several different Blockchains to issue and trade LH tokens, likely including Waves, Ethereum and NEM. The reasons...

Waves Platform Implements New Blockchain Scalability Approaches

The Waves platform, a custom Blockchain token initiative targeting mass-market consumer and business adoption, has announced a series of measures to enable greater network scalability. Scalability has...

Blockchain Startup Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov Explores Trends in Automated Token Trading in Cryptofinancing

Waves Blockchain platform, host of the recently held Trading in the era of Robots and Bitcoin in November 2016 at its Digital October Center office is...

BitScan partners with Waves to Create New Blockchain Loyalty Network

Cryptocurrency directory and merchant hub BitScan has partnered with custom blockchain token platform Waves to create a new merchant-defined loyalty and rewards network that...

Custom Blockchain Tokens Platform WAVES to Launch ICO

WAVES, a versatile new custom tokens platform, will aim to bring the benefits of Blockchain technology to crowdfunding, securities trading and fiat money transfers. "WAVES...

Blockchain Tokens Platform Waves Raises almost $2 million in the first 24 hours

Ultimate Blockchain tokens’ platform WAVES has enjoyed substantial success at the start of its ICO, raising 4,683 BTC (just shy of USD$2...