Research Field

Fujitsu Laboratories is advancing digital transformation for our customers and society by realizing these two value chains.

Pushing the boundaries of technology itself

Technology Value Chain

Our front-line researchers are among the most inventive in the world. Working in the world's most challenging fields, they’ve amassed an incredible volume of intellectual property and expertise that links together a technology value chain covering a wide range of different disciplines, from materials and devices to computers, networks, software, and services. In pioneering the frontiers of technology we keep a focus on the big picture in order to pave the way to a brighter future.

Benefiting society through effective implementation of technology

Business Value Chain

As the global research arm of the Fujitsu Group, we work hand in hand with Fujitsu’s business units to quickly commercialize the trailblazing technologies we develop to stay ahead of the pack, and realize a business value chain that delivers digital transformation to our customers and people everywhere.

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Exciting, cutting-edge technologies that enrich society are being developed here.


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