change the way you work.
for good.

Who We Are

"Tequa Creek Holdings is named after a creek that runs through central Kansas next to a highway often traveled by the company’s founder years ago..."

The word ‘Tequa’ is a derivative of the name of a Native American tribe, but it also makes a modern allusion to technology, which is the principle business of the company. The presence of the word ‘Creek’ in the name connotes flow and continuous change, which are hallmarks of our industry and are principles that we must embrace in order to thrive.

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What We Do

"We are constructing a platform that simplifies and streamlines the time and expense gathering process for rapidly-forming teams..."

News magazines and trade periodicals often refer to this being the advent of the "gig economy", promising a much more flexible approach to "working when you want, on what you want". And this new model can provide considerable benefits to those what want a less traditional full-time job, such as parents staying home with children or semi-retired professionals wanting to stay active in their careers.

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Our Community

"Because we believe so strongly in building up the communities in which we live, Tequa Creek is intensely dedicated to giving a sizable portion of our earnings to organizations in Lawrence, Kansas where our headquarters is based..."

We are proud supportors of Van Go, Inc., The Hall Center for the Humanities and the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence. These organizations are committed to excellence in what they do and provide invaluable services to our wonderful community.

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