Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Blockchain Startup Coinfirm Gets $700k Growth Equity Via VC Funding

Blockchain Startup Coinfirm receive more funding to expand and further build services and features onto their platform. With an investment of $700k from Luma Ventures...

California Space Center to Launch Blockchain Rights Management System For Space Industry

The California Space Center has announced the launch of “Copernic” – a blockchain-based, finance-focused rights management system developed for the space industry, according to...

Coinfirm and Billon Team Up to Better Blockchain AML and Compliance

Two Polish/UK Blockchain-focused companies came together last week will help bring digital currency and Blockchain transactions into the institutional and mass market. One of the larger...

Warsaw’s Coinfirm.io opens the first Blockchain Lab in Central Europe

Coinfirm has launched their lab as the go-to hub for Blockchain technology development, research and collaboration in the region. The first in the history...