Monday, March 30, 2020

NOvid 2020: American Scientist Pushes for Blockchain to Secure Mobile Citizen Data and Build Payment Platform For Addressing Pandemic And Economic Crisis

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by Dr John Henry Clippinger,

It takes a blunt existential crisis to redress systemic societal and economic failings. We are at such a moment with the epic storm of global health and economic crisis compounded by inept and regressive leadership. These failures will not be redressed by traditional means.

These challenges also present a singular opportunity to catalyze a new ecological, social and economic contract for the 21st century.  As data are the new currency of the digital realm, there is the real prospect of resetting foundational rights and institutions through an empowering and secure data infrastructure that protects privacy, ensures verifiability and enables authentic, resilient and equitable interactions. Through such an infrastructure the fusion of the physical and the virtual can provide rapid and robust responses to the health, ecological and economic threats before us. And it does not require either a pubic or private Surveillance State!

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Exclusive Interview with Cryptocurrency Legend Michael Terpin

MichaelTerpin, Transformgroup, Transformpr, Terpin, Cryptocurrency, Covid-19, Coronavirus

In an exclusive interview with Blockchain News, cryptocurrency industry leader Michael Terpin, founder of Transform Group, Transform PR, industry event CoinAgenda, and the BitAngels investor network –  talks about where we were, where we are, and where we are going, in the current frozen state of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries caused by global pandemic Covid-19.

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