Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Lisk Rolls Out Lisk Core 1.0 to Mainnet

Lisk, has released Lisk Core 1.0 to its Mainnet, a landmark achievement for the Lisk ecosystem, following a period of rigorous testing and development....

Chinese Government to Publish Monthly Scorecard of Global Crypto Projects

Despite last year’s crackdown on initial coin offerings (ICOs), the Chinese government has demonstrated an open position to blockchain technology. With the announcement on...

Industry Leaders React to European Parliament Vote to Tighten Crypto Regulation

The European Parliament on Thursday voted in favor of closer regulation for virtual currencies as part of its crackdown on money laundering and financing of...

Blockchain App Development Platform Lisk Relaunches in Berlin

Lisk, the decentralized blockchain app development platform has relaunched, at an event in Berlin last week, with a new image and an updated product...

Blockchain Application Platform Lisk Announces First Major Release, Lisk Nano 1.0

Lisk, the Blockchain application platform, today announces the launch of Lisk Nano 1.0 to the main network, marking the first major release for a...

Lisk Introduces New Blockchain Technology Update

Lisk, the Blockchain application platform, released version 0.6.0 to the main network after successfully completing the latest Core development sprint. The Lisk platform will...

Lisk Blockchain Announces Creation of Swiss Non-Profit Foundation

Lisk, the decentralized Blockchain application platform, today announced the successful registration of the Lisk Foundation, a Swiss “Stiftung” or not-for-profit organization. With registration of...

Lisk Launches Simultaneous Campaigns to Empower Blockchain and Energize Community

Lisk, the powerful Blockchain application platform, has launched an ambitious series of campaigns they say will supercharge the democratic and decentralized nature of their...

Blockchain Platform Product Development Roadmap Released by Lisk

Lisk, the multi-platform Blockchain applications platform has announced its future plans in the form of a recently released comprehensive development roadmap. The Lisk Development...

Lisk Raises Over 1200 Bitcoin for Open Source Dapp & Custom Blockchain Platform

Led by a duo of Blockchain experts, the open source dapp & custom blockchain platform Lisk will allow developers and programmers worldwide to build,...