Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Crypto Unsuitable to Replace Fiat for Everyday Transactions: BIS Report

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is owned by 60 central banks and accounts for 95 percent of the world's GDP, on Sunday released...

Singapore’s DREP and Quarkchain to Accelerate Scaling and Interoperability

The Singapore-based Decentralized Reputation System Foundation (DREP) announced on Thursday an agreement with permissionless blockchain protocol  Quarkchain that will see both companies work together...

Devcash Blockchain Clocks in at 2.5 Million Transactions per Second

Blockchain protocol development organization Devvio announced on Monday that its Devcash blockchain has achieved impressive results. It notched up over 2.5 million on-chain transactions per...

Zilliqa Launches Sharding Enabled Testnet Focused on Blockchain Scalability

Zilliqa, the first public testnet to implement sharding technology, was released on Tuesday. Sharding is the cornerstone of blockchain scaling efforts across multiple...

Highly-Anticipated High-Speed Platform, Zilliqa Hires JPMorgan BD Exec Ahead of Release

A highly-anticipated, high-speed blockchain technology platform that claims to have the potential to rival the global transaction throughput of VISA, Singapore's Zilliqa has hired...