Saturday, October 24, 2020
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New Decentralised Video VOD Site Backed by Top Blockchain Influencers

Some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency and blockchain scenes are backing Theta Labs' new decentralised Video On Demand (VOD) product  THETA.tv which...

Behind the Scenes of Ivan on Tech’s Crypto YouTube Channel

In 2013, when bitcoin was valued at just $100 USD, Ivan Liljeqvist was introduced to Bitcoin by a friend in high school. Coming from...

Google Missed Out on the Blockchain Frontier: Sergey Brin

“We probably already failed to be on the bleeding edge , I’ll be honest,” Google co-founder and president of parent company Alphabet, Sergey Brin,...

YouTube Named in Class-Action Lawsuit Against BitConnect

Video-sharing website YouTube has been added as a defendant in a class-action lawsuit, filed July 3, in connection to the collapse of BitConnect, a...

SportsCastr Uses Emerging Technology to Rebuild Sports Media

The times are changing. Generation gaps are getting larger. New technology is arriving at an accelerating pace, with the younger generations adopting it with...

24 Hours Using Blockchain: A Walkthrough. Part 2

Welcome back to Part II! Reminder : This story follows a young man living in a fully decentralized world through an hypothetical 24 hour-scenario using solely...

Blockchain in OTT Video Advertising: IAB Whitepaper

Released on Thursday, a new whitepaper by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) claims to uncover strong use cases for blockchain technology in digital video...

BerkleeICE’s Open Music Initiative to Host Music and Rights Management Blockchain Events

The Open Music Initiative (OMI), an initiative of Berklee College of Music’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE), on Wednesday announced a public series of events...

Current Media Closes $36m Private Sale, Readies Airdrop

The Mark Cuban-backed, blockchain multimedia platform, Current Media is set to airdrop millions of dollars worth of free tokens, the company announced today. The...

Brave expands Basic Attention Token platform to YouTube

With the recent release of Brave browser 0.19.95 for the desktop, audiences can use the Brave Payments system to reward their favorite YouTube creators with Basic Attention Tokens...