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Adi Chikara To Unveil Blockchain Canvas at DEVCON1 Ethereum Conference


Adi Chikara, an Architect in 3Pillar Global’s Advanced Technology Group, will give a presentation on how to create a blockchain action plan at this week’s DEVCON1 conference in London.

“We believe that blockchain will have an impact that spreads far beyond the world of financial services,” said Tony Orlando, 3Pillar’s EVP of Market & Client Services. “Adi’s Blockchain Canvas will help attendees of all stripes figure out how and where blockchain can be employed in their organizations.”

The presentation will take attendees through a sample Blockchain Canvas, with a focus on how they can position their companies as industry leaders and transform their digital business in the process. The Blockchain Canvas, similar to Strategyzer’s Business Model Canvas, has vectors to identify which areas of a business can start implementing blockchain technology today.

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Adi will be giving the presentation on the afternoon of Friday, November 13th, at a time to be determined. The DEVCON1 conference is presented by the Ethereum Foundation and ETHDEV as a follow-up to the success of DEVCON0. The conference is being held in London through November 13th and features five days of discussions, technical talks, and related events.

There are three primary topic categories at the conference:

  1. Research and Core Protocols
  2. DApp Development
  3. Industry and Social Implications.

Research and Core Protocols topic areas includes proof of stake, scalability, and networking protocols. DApp Development focuses on the practical challenges of developing applications on top of the Ethereum platform, as well as the most effective design patterns to optimize security, efficiency, developer time, and user experience. Industry and Social Implications covers IoT, finance, government, supply chain tracking, and other related topics for policymakers and investors.

For more information on blockchain technologies, please see Adi’s previous writings on the topic. He has written a comprehensive introduction to blockchain technology and its potentially disruptive power, as well as an example of a practical implementation of the technology in digital payments. For more information on DEVCON1, you can visit its official website.

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