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Why John Tsang, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Has Encouraged The Applications Of “Blockchain” Technology In His 9th Budget Speech


Financial Secretary of HKSAR, John Tsang, corresponded the importance of Blockchain Fintech solutions and how they can enhance operational efficiency and new modes of development in the financial sector in his 9th budget speech. The applications of Blockchain technology has gained a lot of interest from world governments not just in Hong Kong, but in the UK, Russia, Japan, and Australia recently.

Unicef has hinted to invest in Blockchain initiatives as well. Even so, not many people in the market can tell what exactly Blockchain is and how widely it’s applications can change the world. Claiming to be the one-stop Blockchain solutions provider in the world, ANX International (ANX) says they are bringing this technology into practical real-life usage.

Blockchain technologies can be implemented throughout all industries, such as financial exchange platforms, settlement and clearing systems, fraudulent insurance claims detection, digital assets solutions and global loyalty or incentive programs. Digital assets built on Blockchain technologies will allow much more secure and transparent applications.

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This level of security is something that have not been possible with previous technologies and having that built into the platform ANX  feels it will become the de facto standard and future for all applications.

“The applications and use cases are endless,” says Ken Lo, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ANX.

Headquartered at the heart of Hong Kong’s CBD district with a 6,000 square foot office, ANX has grown to over 60 employees now. The staff is comprised of seasoned financial professionals with a passion for Blockchain innovations and highly educated technical engineers doing R&D, creating the industry standards in blockchain.

ANX provides a full suite of products and services utilizing the leading edge Blockchain technologies and connecting these technologies to traditional global payment networks. The core services consist of Blockchain-based Digital Assets, Exchanges and Applications Development, Digital Payment Solutions, Financial Technology Advisory Services, as well as a full compliment of Managed Services.

Their clients range from listed companies to SMEs all over the world.

“We started ANX in 2013 and introduced the first digital assets retail store and debit card. Today, ANX has transformed itself into a full service solutions provider for all your Businesses. We are practical and looking for proven real-life solutions that can help move their business forward or improve what they have today. ANX offers its customers modular solutions allowing their customers to choose only the modules they require to implement a custom tailored made solution aligned with their business. Customers can also elect for ANX to run all their core operational services such as customer service, payment processing, KYC compliance, AML monitoring, wallet management and more. In a nutshell, businesses only need to focus on running their operations while ANX takes care of all the technologies and complications of running the infrastructure,” added Lo.

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