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Blockchain Startup Tierion Raises $1 million Seed Round led by Blockchain Capital and Fenbushi Capital


Blockchain startup Tierion has raised a $1 million seed round led by Blockchain Capital and Fenbushi Capital, with participation from Digital Currency Group. Tierion turns the Blockchain into a global platform for verifying the integrity of any data, file, or business process.

Tierion gives developers an API and tools for building applications that connect to the Blockchain – a worldwide network of computers that maintain a shared database. Once data is written to the Blockchain, it becomes part of a global permanent record that cannot be changed or deleted. The integrity of this data is secured by more computational power than the world’s top 1000 supercomputers combined.

“We’re thrilled with the creative uses we’ve seen for Tierion.” said Wayne Vaughan, Tierion’s CEO and Co-Founder. “At one end of the spectrum, one of the world’s largest healthcare companies is using Tierion to record the maintenance and usage history of industrial medical equipment. At the other end, we’re seeing a legal cannabis dispensary use Tierion to create immutable records of their inventory and transactions.”

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At the heart of Tierion is scalable engine for cryptographically linking data to the Blockchain and generating Blockchain receipts. This process, called anchoring, enables millions of records to be connected to a single transaction on the Blockchain. Blockchain receipts can be shared with other systems and used to independently verify the integrity and authenticity of any file, data, or business process.

“Blockchain technology has tremendous potential beyond payments” said Bart Stephens, Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital. “Tierion’s platform gives any enterprise easy access to the Blockchain to verify any document or business process. This is a powerful tool for companies operating in a regulated environment like financial services, healthcare, insurance, or government services.”

“Tierion makes it easy for developers to integrate proof-of-existence and immutable records into existing applications. It’s an interesting approach that demonstrates the advantages of anchoring data to the Blockchain instead of storing data on the Blockchain.” said Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum founder and Partner at Fenbushi Capital.

Tierion and its partners have developed an open specification called Chainpoint for anchoring data to the Blockchain. Developers can use Tierion to build simple applications that notarize documents or more sophisticated applications that automate business processes and create an audit trail that can be verified using the Blockchain.

“We are excited to see the Tierion team leveraging the core innovation of Blockchain technology to secure data and ensure it cannot be tampered with.” said Barry Silbert, CEO of Digital Currency Group. “Their open protocol will enable those new to this technology to easily create data management tools to track the history of one of the most valuable assets of any organization – information.”

Companies are using Tierion to create applications in healthcare, insurance, financial services, and technology. Developers that want to learn more can visit and sign up for a free account.

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