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SingularDTV to Produce Singularity-based Sci-Fi TV Series for Ethereum Blockchain


SingularDTV (S-DTV), the newly launched Blockchain entertainment studio, has just unveiled production of its first original television series ‘Singular’ – an epic science fiction adventure about the human race’s journey into a theoretical technological Singularity.

Evotion Media Producer, Kim Jackson (Blue Caprice, Inside Man, Munich), has been appointed Chief Creative Officer of ‘Singular’ and will lead Season 1 into production October 3, 2016.  Principal photography will commence in New York City, Puerto Rico and Panama.  The television series will serve as the use case to build-out S-DTV’s recently announced rights management platform.

Zach LeBeau, CEO of S-DTV noted,

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“‘Singular’ is an international television series which will be produced and distributed worldwide through the S-DTV portal.  It’s a multi-lingual series featuring a cast from the United States, Russia, China, and several other countries.  ‘Singular’ strives to bring cultures closer together through great science fiction that inspires the imagination.  The ‘Singular’ multiverse depicts a positive future of possibilities and discovery.”  

Taking place between the years 2021 – 2045, ‘Singular’ follows an international cast of unlikely characters as decentralization scales and artificial intelligence becomes conscious, ultimately leading the world into a technological Singularity – a theoretical advancement in technology that creates a human/machine super intelligence.   


Futurist Ray Kurzweil, known for popularizing the term “Technological Singularity”, describes it as an exponential increase in the advancement of various technologies that transform people as they augment their minds and bodies with genetic alterations, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, leading to a human/machine intelligence of infinite power that radiates outward from the planet until it saturates the Universe.  

S-DTV is a film and television entertainment studio focused on the production and distribution of original science fiction content, as well as educational documentaries about Blockchain technology, decentralization and Ethereum.  Through developing applications on Ethereum’s Blockchain, S-DTV is creating a first-of-its-kind rights management platform for the entertainment industry and a world-wide video on demand portal.

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