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Photographers Can Now Use Blockchain Electronic Timestamps with Vietnam’s Copyrobo


Copyrobo has just released its breakthrough copyright protection technology that enables photographers to share their work online quickly and securely. In less than 60 seconds, photographers can post their best artwork to their favorite websites – including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – with the world’s best copyright evidence… on the web and by mobile phone.

“Photographers must be able to share their work without fear of theft or infringement. Copyrobo’s innovative technologies, based on Blockchain, Qualified Electronic Timestamps and the CopyrightKey, work powerfully with the EU’s new eIDAS regulations to provide photographers greater protection than ever before,” says CEO Hasan Kurtulus.

Copyrobo offers you the quickest way to create copyright evidence with qualified electronic timestamps, which have the highest probative value as evidence in the European Union, and Bitcoin/Blockchain timestamps. We also generate a customizable CopyrightKey (and linked web form) that you can apply to every photograph you post. The CopyrightKey Form deters infringement by communicating you have quality evidence (including time, date and source) to support your copyright claims. You can even include ownership and contact information on the form, including your terms for use.

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Using Copyrobo is quick, easy and inexpensive. After integrating your favorite applications, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and other enterprise applications, just select photos from one app, timestamp them, and then post them with evidence to another app. All is less than a minute.

Copyrobo complies with the world’s best electronic timestamp standards implemented by the European Union under eIDAS, Photographers will get maximum protection throughout the EU and increasingly in the rest of world as these standards become adopted. Protecting your work with quality evidence is getting easier and cheaper, and so is collecting damages and making infringers “take down” your work. For the best evidence and deterrence, use Copyrobo’s copyright service whenever you share your photographs.

Copyrobo is Vietnam-based company committed to ensuring people’s rights to protect and share their creative work worry free.

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