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    Blockchain TV: Andreas M. Antonopoulos Says Your Money Is Under Surveillance


    Andreas M. Antonopoulos gave this thought-provoking presentation at the Special Edition of Bitcoin Wednesday held at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam on 19 October, 2016.

    At 7’25” he says, “Your money is under constant  surveillance.”  At 20’45” he explains permissioned blockchains like R3’s Corda, which he compared to “a horseless carriage with a horse.”

    Below is a detailled listing with timing references of the subjects covered in this talk:

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    The Advantages of Cash 1’20”
    Cash vs. Bitcoin 2’50”
    The War on Cash and Why It Matters 3’57”
    The Magic of Peer-to-Peer Transactions 4’38”
    The Future of Digital Money 6’48”
    Money and Surveillance 7’25”
    Civil Asset Forfeiture 7’35”
    Trust and Elections 8’35”
    Democracy Goes Down The Toilet 8’56”
    There Is No More Absolute Power Than Control Over Finance 9’15”
    Global, Borderless, Uncensorable 9’25”
    Not Just About Money 9’38”
    Power to Express Value to Others 9’44”
    Bitcoin is Not About Money 10’05”
    What Gives Trust To Bitcoin As A Currency 10’49”
    Who Do You Trust More in Your Life, The Banks Or The Internet? 13’04”
    Lightning Network Compared to Proof of Stake 13’37”
    Bitcoin and Privacy, Anonymity and Fungibility 14’53”
    What is the Effect of Bitcoin Mining Concentration: What Does It Mean When The Bulk Of Bitcoin Mining is Done in China and Iceland? 16’23”
    Bitcoin Mining Equipment Has A Shelf Life of 2-3 Months 17’00”
    A Re-decentralization of Mining? 17’43”
    How Bitcoin Subsidizes Hydro-electric and Other Alternative Energy Sources in China 18’01”
    Chinese Mining and Political Power of Chinese Government 19’30”
    The Role of Banks in the Future Economy 19’57”
    “Horse-Drawn Carriages Didn’t Disappear with the Invention of the Automobile, So Banks Won’t Either.” 20’18”
    Permissioned Blockchain : A Horseless Carriage with a Horse 20’45”
    Does Bitcoin Support Terrorist Groups? 22’02”

    Mr. Antonopoulos, who is half-Greek, half-British, first became fascinated by information technology as a young child in Greece.  He later went to the University College of London where he earned a degree in Computer Science, Data Communications and Distributed Systems.  During his university years he was inspired by the pioneering work of David Chaum on DigiCash and the crypto wars of the early 90s, when the U.S. government fought to restrict the world’s access to cryptography.


    Mr. Antonopoulos later co-founded and managed a technology research company in the U.S. where he consulted for Fortune 500 companies and published more than 200 articles on security, cloud computing and data centers.  Since then he has helped launch a number of Bitcoin-related startups and initiated several projects for the open source community. In 2014 he was asked to become a teaching fellow with the University of Nicosia, the first university in the world to offer a Masters Degree in Digital Currency. He also has two patents in networking and security and authored the book “Mastering Bitcoin” published by O’Reilly that Balaji Srinivasan of Andreesen Horowitz called “the best technical reference available on bitcoin today.”  Another book published in September 2016 called “The Internet of Money” aims to explain why Bitcoin matters.

    He is internationally recognized for his ability to make complex technical subjects understandable, a skill which has earned him hundreds of invitations to speak for conferences, talk shows and board rooms around the world.  His presentation to Canada’s Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce is universally acclaimed for its accuracy and clarity.

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