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Digital-Vikings Roll Out Blockchain Smart Contract MVP Platform


Digital-Vikings, a digital innovation company, announced today that it is launching a MVP version of a Blockchain smart contract solution using the ethereum platform.

“Not only are we announcing our MVP Platform, but today we also deployed it for one of our clients – a startup named ‘Parcl’ – which completed a real estate smart contract transaction on the platform,” said Kjell Hegstad, former co-founder/executive of ING Direct USA and founder of Digital-Vikings.

“While it’s cool to be the first Philly/Delaware-based company to announce a Blockchain MVP platform, we already have requests from not only locally based enterprises – but globally – wanting to build POC/MVPs.

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We see smart contracts as an optional technology for any transaction where IFTT business workflow is required. Fintech is probably the most active segment exploring Blockchain right now, but we see it being used in ‘any industry’ as the technology matures. A smart contract financial ledger performs similar tasks as an administrator of a centralized database: checking for sufficient funds, deducting from one account – adding to another. Smart contracts make sense the more complex the environment – with standard transaction terms. It’s basically a process automation tool with the upside of completely eliminating layers – whether the layer is people, processes, bureaucracy or all of it.”

Continued Mr. Hegstad:

“From a technology maturity perspective, I view Blockchain on par with autonomous driving. ‘Everyone’ in the auto industry is looking at AD – and the value of each AD engineer is currently at $10M/FTE based on recent M/A activities. While every Blockchain engineer may not be valued at $10M, there is a talent shortage – both from a product management and engineering perspective. Many enterprises with a digital presence is considering Blockchain and trying to identify solid use cases. A POC is the lowest risk and fastest path to test your hypotheses, and we now have a platform where we can build out POCs in a rapid and low cost manner. We just delivered a raw POC (without any oracles) in less than 4 weeks. As always, it gets down to execution.”

Digital-Vikings is an East Coast-based digital innovation company, with talent from Silicon Valley, focused on building POC/MVPs.

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