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Blockchain Startup eGaas in Talks with World Service Authority


Blockchain Government-as-a-Service startup eGaaS,  is currently negotiating a deal with the World Service Authority for the organisation to utilise eGaas’ Blockchain technology in their portfolio of services.

“I am excited about the prospects of how the eGaaS platform can take the human rights advocacy and documentation work of the WSA into the 21st century,” said David Gallup, President and General Counsel of WSA.

One of the services from eGaas the WSA can use – is to tap into Blockchain to create immutable proof of existence which would provide more credibility for the organisation’s World Passports, meaning they could perhaps be also widely used for refugees and stateless individuals without documentation – currently an enormous problem for Syrian refugees for example.

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“We are more than pleased to enter negotiations with the WSA,” stated eGaas CEO Oleg Strelenko. “The organisation’s legacy and dedication to world peace and its focus on rethinking government as a whole is a great fit with our company and ethos.”

eGaaS, is an international Blockchain platform  for organizing the economic, state and social activities of citizens and their communities on the basis of smart law and smart contract system. See whitepaper here and Manifesto here.

eGaaS implements four basic functions needed for efficient transfer of most types of government, legislative bodies and business activities into Blockchain technology:

  • financial system
  • registry structure
  • smart contract algorithm
  • smart law formation and execution mechanism

By combining the financial system, registry structure, smart contract and smart law mechanisms into a common Blockchain platform, eGaaS serves as an efficient tool for the government, legislative bodies, business and citizens, which can be used to manage any activity. It eliminates the need for multiple intermediaries, regulatory authorities, and document circulation.

The Blockchain startup is finalising its first (of multiple) Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) which ends December 15, 2016 to raise funds for development.

Founded in 1954, the World Service Authority (WSA) is a non-profit organization that educates about and promotes “world citizenship”, “world law”, and World Government. The goal of the WSA is to provide a global political service institution for the installation and maintenance of world peace. Currently there are over one million registered global ‘citizens’.

It is best known for selling World Passports, which it promotes not just as a document for international travel, but a “neutral, apolitical document of identity”.

Besides the operations of the World Service Authority, the WGWC is evolving 20 “world commissions” to deal with specific aspects of human activities –  Communications, Cybernetics, Design-Science, Disarmament, Economics, Education, Election, Energy, Environment, Film, Health, Judicial, Mundialisation, Planetary Vision, Space, Sports, Syntegration, Traditional Medicine, Women, and Youth Education.

The WSA was founded by Garry Davis, a former Broadway actor and World War II bomber pilot, who renounced his U.S. citizenship in 1948 to live as a “citizen of the world”.

Notable people who have been sold or given World Passports include American investor Doug Casey, Olympic-champion American speedskater Shani Davis, American peace activist Kenneth O’Keefe, futurist Buckminster Fuller, NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, and founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange.

It was set up to be the administrative agency of the “World Government of World Citizens” which he declared on 4 September 1953. Besides selling World Passports, the WSA registers applicants as “world citizens” and sells “world citizen” identity documents, such as birth certificates, identity cards, and marriage certificates.

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