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Wall Street Fintech PR Agency, Wachsman PR, Chooses Dublin as European HQ

Agency opening further highlights Dublin as a landing spot for Fintech and Blockchain


Wachsman PR, a rapidly growing global fintech public relations agency, has established its European headquarters in Dublin. Founded on Wall Street in 2015, Wachsman PR opened its new office doors in Dublin today, further cementing Ireland’s rise as both a landing spot for disruptive fintech companies and a leading European innovator in emerging technology.

Founded by David Wachsman in 2015, the agency has represented over 40 clients since inception, including publicly traded companies, entrepreneurs and some of the most disruptive and influential forces in fintech. With offices in New York City and now Dublin, the agency has become leaders in building reputations and exposure for companies in the Blockchain, cryptocurrency, equity crowdfunding, alternative asset, and real estate investment industries.

“Ireland continues to be America’s gateway to Europe. A business friendly environment, world class talent, grade A infrastructure and strong historical ties between the US and Ireland make Dublin an attractive location for our European headquarters,” said David Wachsman, Founder of Wachsman PR.

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“The Dublin office is a significant milestone and an important piece of our company’s history. The pace of Wachsman PR’s growth has been far faster than we could have imagined, and so much of this is due to the rise of cutting edge technology companies throughout Europe. From Wall Street, we watched as Dublin grew into an epicentre for Blockchain technology, and Deloitte’s recent decision to launch their EMEA Blockchain Lab in the city is a perfect example,” added Wachsman.

With clients all over the world, from Canada to Germany and from Singapore to Switzerland, Wachsman PR’s Dublin team will now cater to the burgeoning European market. Companies such as Berlin-based Blockchain application platform Lisk; Barcelona-based decentralized management platform Aragon; Ljubljana-based digital asset technology provider ICONOMI; and Zurich-based Blockchain association Crypto Valley Association all fall under the remit of the new Dublin office.

Heading the Wachsman PR European office is Emma Walker, a 26-year-old Dublin native who early on joined David Wachsman in establishing the Wall Street agency. After just four months with the firm, Walker was named as one of Finance Feeds ‘30 Under 30: the Industry’s Future Leaders’ and began to establish an independently prominent reputation within the Blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

“It has been a privilege to watch the incredible fintech innovation come from startups in every continent. Europe is at the forefront of Blockchain innovation and I am extremely excited to launch our European headquarters in Dublin, my hometown and the ideal location for a specialist firm with global reach,” said Emma Walker, Director at Wachsman PR.

“By studying and working in Ireland, I have seen first-hand the talent this country produces. It is our aim to grow the Dublin office by employing ambitious PR professionals to position our expanding network of European clients on the global stage,” added Walker.

The new office is located in The Digital Hub in the vibrant and bustling neighbourhood, “The Liberties.” Featuring a rich blend of history, culture, and innovation, The Liberties is home to  some of the city’s most iconic brands such as the Guinness Storehouse and Diageo, and highly respected medical and education centres, St. James’s Hospital and the National College of Art and Design.  Launched in 2003, The Digital Hub has become the largest cluster for digital companies in Ireland, nurturing both Irish and international enterprises to grow and thrive.

“We are delighted to welcome Wachsman PR to The Digital Hub. It’s encouraging to have a leading global fintech public relations company locate their European HQ in Dublin 8. We are excited for Wachsman PR to expand its reach to fintech companies both in Dublin and throughout Europe,” said CEO of The Digital Hub, Fiach Mac Conghail.

“Since our decision to invest in Ireland, we have encountered a can do attitude that mirrors our company’s own philosophy. The Digital Hub is one example of the country’s exceptional approach to attracting new business and nurturing innovation.” Wachsman concluded.

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