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Blockchain Startup DECENT Testnet #2 Launched!


Blockchain based DECENT Network is one step closer towards the Digital Revolution. DECENT Testnet #2 called ‘Alberti’ was launched!

Invitations are being distributed to all registered testers together with all the information, guides and link for the DECENT Application download.

Since the recently published report on the progress of the network, DECENT’s development team has been working hard to successfully launch DECENT Testnet #2 including several additional features and fixed issues that were detected during the first DECENT Testnet ‘Caesar’.

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Additional Features & Updates of DECENT Testnet #2 ‘Alberti’:

  • Windows Client – DECENT team is delighted to announce, that Testnet Windows client is now available with all the features included in Mac OS version

  • Regional Rights – allows the content to have specific settings for several regions e.g. particular price for a particular country (only available in CLI)

  • Subscription Mechanism – allows the users to subscribe to their favourite author so they will always be informed about new content being published (only available in CLI)

  • Send DCT Feature – users can send the Test DCT to any other account and view their transaction history.

  • Framework for Multiple Content Types – additional content types are now supported (e.g. PDF, audio files, plain text, SD models etc.)

DECENT GUI Improvements & Development Update:

Several changes have been made within DECENT GUI to make the content publishing and buying process much more user-friendly and intuitive.

The most significant improvements include the addition of ‘final cost of the content upload’ which is displayed when the author fills in all the required information, chooses the number of seeders and sets the requested lifetime of the content. Moreover, sorting is now available in all sections after the user double-clicks on a column header. DECENT Testnet users are now able to select multiple seeders in the ‘upload pop-up window’, view the upload status and the status of blockchain synchronization.

Besides finalizing features that are necessary for the DECENT Network testing phase, the development team has been working hard on future additions to the network and made several adjustments according to feedback e.g. search function in the ‘Purchased’ tab; falsely updating DCT balance when the user has not been imported; unnecessary closing of DECENT Network when the application was closed and general enhancements to the ‘Purchased’ tab functionality.

The entire DECENT team is always delighted to receive users’ remarks and ideas for what could be a perfect suggestion for the betterment of DECENT Network. In order to leave the feedback, ask questions, get regular updates and become part of DECENT‘s community and join the official Slack or Telegram channel!

DECENT is a Blockchain Content Distribution Platform that is Open-Source and utilizes Blockchain to ensure trust and security. The intention of the project is to revolutionize data distribution on the Internet.

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