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DENT Wireless is the First Blockchain Platform to Power New Mobile Data Exchange Marketplace

DENT team of industry experts to disrupt mobile telecommunications through tokenizing and liberating the mobile data market


DENT Wireless has announced its plan to create a decentralized mobile data exchange, liberating users to buy and sell mobile data anywhere at any time. Global mobile data revenues in a single month are USD 32 billion, according to technology market research firm Parks Associates, USD 4.8 billion of which represents profit from unused data at the end of the month. The DENT platform will enable  users to buy, sell, or donate their excess mobile data through its proprietary Ethereum blockchain-powered marketplace, using a new universal currency for data markets, the DENT Token.

The DENT Exchange will partner with global and local mobile telecommunications providers, offering them access to DENT’s API to facilitate a fully transparent and user-friendly way to trade mobile data, increasingly considered to be one of the world’s most important commodities.

The team at DENT Wireless has a long and proven track record of founding successful tech companies.  DENT is co-founded by Mikko Linnamäki, an accomplished serial entrepreneur since 1994. Mikko, originating from Finland, is also a co-founder of DOVECOT, the world’s most popular IMAP server with a global market share of 72% and over 4 million installations. Over 2.5 billion users entrust their email storage to DOVECOT.

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“DENT is the world’s first global marketplace for mobile data, with fully transparent and dynamic pricing,” said Tero Katajainen, CEO and Founder of DENT Wireless, “DENT will allow subscribers to monetize their unused data or quickly buy extra mobile data at low prices. DENT will also prove to be of enormous benefit to travellers who can avoid very expensive roaming charges by buying data locally via the marketplace. The platform will unlock the full potential of global data usage, thus benefitting users and telcos alike.”

Also joining in an advisory role is Dr. Rainer Deutschmann with over 20 years of experience in consulting, telco and tech industries working at companies like McKinsey, Deutsche Telekom and Reliance Industries. Most recently, as Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Rainer helped launch Reliance Jio, the €25 billion ($28 billion) telecom and digital services venture, acquiring 100 million customers within six months. Jio disrupts the telco landscape to democratize mobile broadband for the 1.3 billion people in India.

DENT Wireless is preparing to initiate their token crowdsale, beginning at 14:00 UK time, GMT+1,  July 12, 2017. In preparation for this crowdsale, the team at DENT has released an official whitepaper to outline the inner workings of the DENT Exchange; the platform on which data will be bought and sold.

DENT Wireless Ltd., based in Hong Kong, was founded in 2014 as Commando Coder Ltd. when Tero Katajainen decided to develop an automated FOREX trading system with built-in risk management functions. Parts of this product are now being integrated into the DENT Exchange to allow buying, selling, and donating of mobile data packages on the marketplace based on Ethereum Blockchain.

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