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Smart Volume Analysis Crypto Trading Fund Launches Token Sale

Trading firm brings algorithms, a decade in the making, to cryptocurrencies


Despite the substantial growth in trading crypto currency assets over recent years, mainstream funds have avoided these assets.  The Smart Investment Fund is looking to change this and is opening to investors with an ICO on the Ethereum network that will issue Smart Investment Fund Tokens (SIFT) which act as a shareholding in the fund.

Investors can expect to see a 40% annual return on investment paid by dividends and asset appreciation.  This is possible due to proprietary algorithms developed over the last decade now being tailored to Blockchain assets.

Smart Volume Analysis is a professional trading technique that analyses market moves to determine what the largest investors and market makers are doing.  A decade ago Smart Trader launched to move volume spread trading out of the hands of Wall Street and into the hands of Main Street investors.  Over the last decade these proprietary algorithms grew and recent months have seen the software be perfected to work trading cryptographic currencies.

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Despite the many volatile changes in the value of Bitcoin and other currencies over the past three months, Smart’s algorithms have predicted all major shifts in the market and historical data analysis from 2012 onwards suggests ROIs to investors of 40% per year.

The Smart Investment Fund will act much like a mutual fund.  The value of the fund will initially be made up of funding from the SIFT ICO.  From this point forward half of profits will be returned to investors monthly as dividends whilst the remaining half stays in the fund to support its growth.  Being an ERC20-compliant token, the asset will be freely tradeable on Ethereum exchanges allowing shareholders to benefit from asset appreciation as well as dividend payments.

The wider SIFT project includes support for shareholder voting rights, a Windows desktop application for investors to manage their shareholding and systems to ensure transparency within the fund.  SIFT will offer unrivalled levels of transparency with direct feeds to trading systems and bank accounts published to the Blockchain with external auditors confirming this information on a regular basis.

Smart Trader and SIFT are run by James May and Guy Powell.  The pair first worked together almost 20 years ago and most recently developed Smart Trader’s algorithms.

James started work as a trader in the 1980s and since the 1990s has worked with numerous internet-based startups.  Guy is a software engineer and architect who has worked with some of the world’s largest technology companies. He has worked with crypto-currencies since 2012 and has previously designed security systems for UK government agencies.  In his spare time, he is currently undertaking a PhD in Robotics.

The SIFT ICO will launch on August 1st and remain open for 45 days.  The maximum investment is unlimited with the minimum investment 0.01 Eth.  The fund will begin trading in September.  To invest in SIFT or for more information visit where a whitepaper provides more information.

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