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Giant Pepe and Vitalik Buterin Busts Capture Attention as Uncensorable Art in Decentraland Alpha


Decentraland unveiled the world’s first uncensorable internet meme art today in two giant busts, the first called ‘DecentraPepe’ and the second called ‘Vitalik Busterin’. These busts are currently viewable on the Decentraland testnet. Decentraland is the world’s first virtual reality platform, owned by and controlled by the users of Decentraland.

  • Two 3D busts launched on Decentraland; one DecentraPepe, and one Vitalik Busterin
  • These busts were designed by the community, and mark the launch of uncensorable art in virtual reality
  • More kinds of virtual art and infrastructure being developed by the Decentraland community in advance of their token sale on August 8th

The introduction of these busts mark the first wave of uncensorable community art in any virtual reality platform. That the Decentraland community came together to design and place these busts in Decentraland show the demand for freedom of expression, and Decentraland will be the first VR platform to facilitate this entirely. There are already proposals for virtual art museums, cinemas, and more.

This boom in community creation and direction occurs as the Decentraland token sale nears. Their token sale is planned for August the 8th, 2017. They are looking to raise ETH for use in supporting the creation of Decentraland’s user owned virtual world, modeled on Snowcrash’s Metaverse. If you’d like to learn more, you can go to and join their community to stay up to date.

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Decentraland is a virtual reality world owned and controlled by the users. Users control Decentraland by owning Ethereum blockchain-land, on which they can create and monetize anything they desire. Early development is happening on gaming, art, gambling, and social applications, with many more to come.

More here, if you want to dive into the app:


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