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Outlier Ventures Becomes First VC To Hire ‘Head of Crypto-Economics’ With Appointment of Eden Dhaliwal

Experienced blockchain expert & start-up architect will deepen innovative venture platform’s token design and analysis capabilities


Outlier Ventures, one of the World’s leading Blockchain and Web 3.0 venture capital firms today announces it has bolstered its capabilities in token offerings. This is in response to the explosive growth of ICOs, commonly referred to as initial coin offerings, which has seen the issuance of tokens by open source communities overtaking venture capital as a primary means of capital raising.

Eden joins their growing Toronto office alongside Head of Corporate Structuring & Compliance, Greg Murphy, that was setup to work with a network of leading global law firms and tax advisors to support their portfolio in token design and issuance. Outlier plans to execute three ‘community economy token offerings’ in the remaining part of 2017, after six months of planning, to realise a new standard of compliance and economic design to attract institutional grade investment and become some of the first corporate backed token offerings the industry has seen.

‘Crypto-economics’ refers to the combination of cryptography, computer networks and game theory to secure systems to realise a set of economic incentives or disincentives. The emerging discipline is based on the belief that these crypto-communities are building entirely new economic models that will increasingly dominate The Web.

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Jamie Burke, Founder & CEO, Outlier Ventures commented:

“The focus all too often of token offerings is solely to bypass securities laws and raise large amounts of capital, quicky. At Outlier we take the responsibility of how issuances are technically executed very seriously. Similarly we believe these communities are building the next phase of The Web so proper time and thought should be invested in how these new digital economies are designed to ensure their long-term sustainability.’’

He continued:

‘’Eden has spent the last year performing some breath taking analysis of the various token models out there and brings a wealth of valuable venture experience to help us explore the emerging discipline of crypto-economics for the benefit of our present and future portfolio as well as the community at large’’.

Dhaliwal recently established Slant Labs with various Canadian Government agencies to experiment with new innovative Blockchain business models and use cases. As an experienced venture manager he has been deeply embedded in Blockchain for several years  previously designing several tokens ahead of issuance for DLT Labs, a Blockchain consultancy group. Leveraging this experience Dhaliwal’s primary focus will be leading Outlier Venture’s select group of premium ‘Community Token Offerings’.  He will focus on the token design process and assume overall oversight of various token campaigns, working directly alongside Jamie Burke.

A ‘community token offering’ is an innovation pioneered by Outlier that enables a collective of start-ups and partners to jointly issue a token for a shared protocol within a meta theme, through a structured offering. Parties commit code, know-how, users and in some instances licenses, to rapidly enable ‘MVC’, or minimal viable community, in order to quickly form an open source crypto community and gain network effect.

Eden Dhaliwal, Principal, Outlier Ventures added:

“It’s such a new space that no one can claim to be an expert but together with the Outlier team, a group of people I have followed with great respect for some time, I feel we can really contribute to taking community driven tech to the next level.”

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