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Decentralized News Network Releases Alpha Update

Alpha update provides simulated blockchain experience for all


The Decentralized News Network (DNN), a Blockchain-based political news platform designed to incentive the curation and publishing of factual political news, releases a significant update to their Alpha today.

The update introduces a simulated version of the platform, not operated on Blockchain technology but providing the same experience at surface level so that the broader community may test out the network system and provide valuable feedback.

The simulated experience represents DNN’s genuine intention to leverage Blockchain technology for a critical real world use case; breaking down political agendas in news and creating a prominent digital home for factual, credible news underpinned by smart contract technology.

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The development update also marks a significant shift for the Blockchain community; DNN is introducing the implementation and technical abilities of Blockchain to all users, mainstream and expert.

DNN co-founders Samit Singh and Dondrey Taylor specifically welcome traditional journalists to experience the platform in its simulated state, offering a new and incentivized opportunity to publish work without the need for central editorial authority.

“One of the biggest hurdles that many of us in the Blockchain industry see is mass adoption. It can be difficult at such an early stage in the industry to engage the mainstream audience, especially when the technology seems so technical and sophisticated to those unfamiliar with it,” said DNN CEO Samit Singh.

“One thing that I think many of us can do to improve this is to make our platforms accessible for everyone. That may involve letting users access an application as they would access a standard web app, or it can involve simulating token functionality on a platform. Overall, it will increase user comfort with the aspect of tokens by trying to abstract much of that functionality and eventually simulating it before they’re ready to interact with actual smart contracts,” Singh explained.

While the simulated platform will not involve the use of tokens or cryptocurrency, the Blockchain-based DNN platform will monetarily incentivize users through the use of tokens, crediting user accounts for writing, reviewing, and publishing articles.

Access to both the simulated version and Blockchain-based platform will be available via the DNN website, with those testing the smart contract functionality being required to visit the site via a web3-enabled browser.

As per the DNN project roadmap, the platform will formally launch in 2018. The crowdsale has been slated for the fourth quarter of this year.

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