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Four innovative crowdsale projects kickstarted in four weeks

default, the leading platform for training the world’s most promising Blockchain startups, has today announced four upcoming projects that will launch on four consecutive Tuesdays via its innovative Priority Pass™ mechanism. Beginning on August 29, 2017, projects Musiconomi, Maecenas, X8 Currency, and DA Power Play will launch crowdsales with pre-sale access granted only to Priority Pass members,’s most engaged supporters. CEO and Co-Founder Jan Isakovic said:

“A wide range of industries are seeing a Cambrian explosion of startup projects leveraging token sales to fund their revolutionary ideas. While this model is critical to funding a new tokenized economy, the sheer volume of projects can make it difficult for people to identify which are the most promising, and which are best avoided. Priority Pass is the final stamp of approval which assures crowdsale participants that each project has undergone meticulous due diligence and meets the most stringent requirements.

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“Following the tremendous success of the Priority Pass pilot in’s own crowdsale, the mechanism was successfully replicated in the Santiment crowdsale, helping the project reach its $12 million USD cap needed to fund its development. is excited to build on this momentum and will continue to bring the most innovative ideas from projects all over the globe into fruition.”

Access to the pre-sales of all four crowdsales will be enabled only for the Priority Pass members, with individual contribution limitations on the first day, and on the second day without limitations. If the pre-sale funds do not reach the project’s hard cap, a public crowdsale without limitations will start on the third day. To secure a place in a pre-sale, participants must have a minimum of 5,000 CFI tokens in their contribution wallet four days before the pre-sale begins, as well as an account on the Priority Pass dashboard.

The projects to launch over the next four weeks are:

  • Musiconomi, the Blockchain-based music ecosystem that incentivizes and rewards all participants transparently. Using Blockchain technology, the Musiconomi model creates new music economy that inspires growth and rewards all users efficiently and appropriately, allowing musicians to incentivize listeners to promote and share music, while retaining control of their revenue. The pre-sale for Musicionomi will begin on August 29, with the public crowdsale starting on August 31.
  • Maecenas, the decentralized art trading platform that democratizes access to fine art by creating an open global art Blockchain platform. Works of art can be converted into smaller digitized financial units, and easily traded. The Maecenas pre-sale will begin on September 5 and the public crowdsale will begin on September 7.
  • X8 Currency, an AI-driven token with low volatility, enabling a reliable store of value for the cryptocurrency world. X8 Currency allocates capital between the eight top fiat currencies and gold in real-time, creating the safest and most stable currency. The pre-sale for X8 Currency will start September 12 and the public crowdsale will start on September 14.
  • DAPower Play, a Blockchain-based platform that enables users to assemble advanced cryptocurrency trading strategies. DA Power Play lets users create their own powerful tool for trading cryptocurrencies through an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Technical indicators are linked with math functions, adding built-in logic, and then easily deployed for users. The pre-sale will commence on September 19, with the public crowdsale starting on September 21. has already connected with more than 100 promising crowdsale projects. The company plans to launch around 10 startup projects this year, with an additional 30 projects expected to launch in 2018.

Jan Isakovic said:

“ is proud to be ramping up the number of offers our engaged supporters can access via Priority Pass, and moving closer our mission of becoming the decentralized Silicon Valley for the distributed age.”

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