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Mark Cuban Portfolio Company Unikrn Seeks to Sell $100 Million in UnikoinGold tokens

World’s Largest Esports Betting Platform to Launch Cryptocurrency Wagering


Unikrn, has announced it will introduce cryptocurrency wagering with UnikoinGold, an Ethereum-based version of their existing coin, Unikoin. UnikoinGold will allow Unikrn’s growing community to legally and fully engage in live betting with cryptocurrency.

The esports industry is expected to reach 1 billion in revenue by next year, and Unikrn is pioneering secure, seamless wagering to reward the rapidly increasing number of esports viewers. With existing investors including Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher, Elisabeth Murdoch, Shari Redstone, and 500 Startups, Unikrn plans to sell 100 million USD in UnikoinGold.

“The decentralized UnikoinGold token breaks down barriers for our users, giving them more autonomy and opportunity to participate on our platform, with flexibility to trade in a more open marketplace,” said Rahul Sood, CEO of Unikrn. “Our improved esports betting system is creating a new world of opportunity for cryptocurrency wagering that is legal, safe and fun. Competitive gaming thrives on innovation, risk and reward, and we believe that UnikoinGold is the breakthrough that the esports world has been waiting for.”

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Like the existing Unikoin, UnikoinGold will be accessible around the world and allow users to earn prizes, hardware, and exclusive features. Unikrn has partnered with Blockchain and token sale platform CoinCircle to collaborate on the design, development, and launch of UnikoinGold. CoinCircle works with existing VC-backed companies to tokenize their already scaled businesses and launch token sales. Developed as an ERC20 token, UnikoinGold will be used on Unikrn’s new-and-improved, skill-based betting platform. UnikoinGold will be available to the public through a token sale launching September 22, 2017 with a goal of selling $100 million worth of UnikoinGold.

The value of UnikoinGold is derived from the utility and turnover of the token itself from within the Unikrn platform as well as the value of the token on the free market. The market-variable exchange rate reflects the value of the token at any given time, giving token holders the ability to choose the value and liquidate their holdings by trading them on an exchange.

For more information on UnikoinGold, see the company’s whitepaper and visit

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