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Medicalchain – first UK-based Company to bring Blockchain Technology to the Healthcare Industry Announced ICO

A Pre-Sale of MedTokens will begin Sept. 15


Medicalchain, a decentralized platform that utilizes Blockchain technology to securely store and send medical data, announced today that it will offer a pre-sale for participants looking to secure MedTokens before its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), scheduled for November 2017.

The pre-sale will begin on Sept. 15 and run through mid Oct. or until the pre-sale allocation is sold out. During that time, participants may purchase MedTokens at $0.10 per token – a 50% discount. The pre-sale will be capped at $630,000 (ETH Equivalent).

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Medicalchain is joining the ranks of Bancor and Tezos, becoming the first U.K. company to apply Blockchain technology to the storage and safe transfer of medical records. Through Medicalchain, patients will have access to doctors across the world, hospitals can cut out paperwork, and pharmacies and insurers will receive accurate, up-to-date information to assist their customers immediately.

“Medicalchain is not just putting health records on the Blockchain, but developing an entire ecosystem for patients to communicate directly with doctors and utilize their health records,” Medicalchain co-founder Dr Albeyatti said. “A patient would have a single point of truth to refer to with regards to their medical history and this record can easily be shared with any doctor on the platform anywhere in the world.”

The Medicalchain ecosystem will change the landscape of the healthcare industry. Participants will be able to build their own applications on top of the Blockchain, further improving the quality, speed and variety of care for patients.

“As part of the ecosystem we are building, we invite developers to build their apps on the platform and connect to your health record to provide you with personalized fitness and diet advice, as an example,” Dr Albeyatti said. “Watching the food you eat and how much exercise you do – this can all be recorded in real-time from wearable devices and stored on the Blockchain.”

Medicalchain technology will allow…

  • Each patient to have one true medical record that can be updated in real-time, providing health care providers, insurance companies, pharmacies and laboratories with the most up-to-date patient information.
  • Fast and secure transfers of medical data, drastically cutting down paperwork, administrative errors and processing time for hospitals.
  • Patients to control their privacy first-hand; Medicalchain’s architecture will give patients the ability to choose who views their records, what they can view and for how long.
  • Patients to be rewarded for giving time-limited access to institutions for medical studies.
    Insurers to monitor customers’ health status in real-time, rewarding patients for good health with reduced insurance premiums.

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