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Guardian Circle Turns to Blockchain for Global Decentralized 9-1-1 Emergency Response

Emergency Response Software Company Launches Decentralized Token to Enhance Safety for Over Four Billion People Without a 911 Emergency Center


Guardian Circle, a global emergency response software company, has announced the launch of a Blockchain-based emergency response platform to bring a decentralized 911 emergency response to over four billion people without access. The platform will feature an open API capable of plugging into any device to turn it into an Internet of Things (IoT) alert system and a token rewards system. Guardian Circle will have its Guardium public token sale in November 2017.

Current emergency response services, if available, take too long to answer emergency calls. Emergency centers might not be conveniently located to the emergency situation, escalating the risk of danger for the caller seeking help. Recognizing this gap in service, Guardian Circle platform allows subscribers to have access to a decentralized pool of pre-selected citizen-rescuers who are automatically alerted in the event of an emergency, dispatching aid closest to the emergency.

Guardium tokens will be used to reward response-related transactions. For example, an off-duty EMT registered as a professional paid Guardian that centrally located to an emergency and answers an alert will be rewarded with Guardium tokens. Token holders may redeem the tokens for more services within the platform or sell the tokens within the platform for fiat currency. All transactions will be recorded using Blockchain-based smart contracts.

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“The emergency response system being used by governments today is broken,” said Mark Jeffrey, CEO of Guardian Circle. “Our platform empowers communities, because it makes certain a person in an emergency situation has access to rescuers in their community right away.”

Using its proprietary intelligent grid to manage alerts, Guardian Circle’s distributed response ensures emergency aid is always geographically located to the situation, bringing safety to remote areas.

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