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World’s Largest Blockchain Expo Coming to Silicon Valley – Santa Clara


Anyone who has been keeping even a cursory eye on the crypto and Blockchain space for the last couple of years will have seen it undergo a radical transformation. Distributed ledger technology has gone from an interesting technical feature of the cryptocurrency system to a force that will revolutionise industries across the global economy, from central banks to global shipping companies.

This process has been driven in part by the rise in value of cryptocurrencies and the current speculative fever around ICOs, which has seen Blockchain startups raising millions of dollars in funding in mere minutes.

The other primary driver of this change has been the sheer potential scope of Blockchain technology. With the tech having the possibility of impacting so many sectors, it is not surprising that so many important players in the global economy have begun to take an active interest. The World Economic Forum has even called distributed ledgers and smart contracts the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution.

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With so much going on, in can hard to keep up with developments in the space. Luckily, the world’s leading Blockchain conference and exhibition, Blockchain Expo is returning to California in November.

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Taking place in the Santa Clara Convention Center, the heart of Silicon Valley between 29-30 November 2017, the event will see some of the heaviest hitters in the Blockchain space come together to explore how the technology is disrupting the established order in sectors as diverse as healthcare, real estate, energy and government services.

Co-located with IoT Tech Expo  and AI Expo, the events are expected to attract close to 10,000 delegates across the two days, making it a fantastic opportunity for networking and learning of technologies on the cusp of disruption.

“After hugely successful events in London and Berlin, we are delighted to bring Blockchain Expo to Silicon Valley this fall,” said Blockchain Expo’s marketing manager, Mark Boyle.

“The Expo provides a brilliant opportunity to learn about the latest in this rapidly developing technology, network with industry leaders, and explore the Valley’s most promising start-ups. The five conference tracks means that there is something for everyone.”

What to look out for:

Blockchain Expo looks to cater for Blockchain professionals, looking to advance their services, as well as those looking for a broad introduction to the technology. The industry as a whole is reaching a critical watershed moment, where it will begin to go from abstract to very, very real in the minds of many business leaders and tech experts.

The recent launch of Corda 1.0 by R3, as well as Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 and Microsoft’s Coco Framework are just a few examples of how distributed ledgers are about to come crashing into the enterprise tech space in a big way.

Confirmed speakers  at the Santa Clara span a broad range of industries currently undergoing, and set to undergo, major disruption. These include financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and more.

Jason Kelley of Blockchain leader IBM will offer up an introduction to the potential of Blockchain across multiple industries. Other talks include a case-study from Ian Smith of Gospel, discussing how sensitive data is controlled using Blockchain; and Chris Ballinger of Toyota Research Institute exploring the impact of Blockchain on autonomous vehicles.

Gold and Ultimate pass holders will also be able to attend ICOs and Cryptofinance track, where Initial Coin Offerings are explored by representatives from industry leaders.

Alongside the conference tracks, delegates have the opportunity to explore the exhibition hall and start-up areas, where the likes of IBM, Intuit, Oracle and Bluetooth are exhibiting alongside emerging technologists.

You can find out more about Blockchain Expo at Santa Clara here. Blockchain News readers can use BLOCK15 discount code to receive 15 per cent off ticket prices!

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