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Blockchain Capital and TaaS Join BLOCKv, a User Interface for Blockchain Tokens


 BLOCKv, creators of the world’s first “user interface” layer for Blockchain-based tokens, announced two new prestigious contributors – Blockchain Capitaland Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to Blockchain assets. The contributions come just before BLOCKv’s Token Generation Event (TGE) on October 12, when BLOCKv will release a network token, ‘VEE,’ with a target of $40 million in participations.

“The recent participation from Blockchain Capital and TaaS is a testament to the future vision of our company and technology platform, which we believe will accelerate the consumerization and commercialization of Blockchain technology,” said Reeve Collins, CEO at BLOCKv. “Blockchain Capital and TaaS are extraordinarily well-connected within the Blockchain community, and their support will unlock doors to future potential partnerships.”

BLOCKv has created a Blockchain-based development platform that enables the creation of smart, secure and dynamic virtual objects called vAtoms. The platform promises to usher in the next generation digital goods economy through the creation of a user interface layer that mitigates the complexity of Blockchain development to unlock exponential growth. As sharable digital goods become more ingrained in the lives of consumers, BLOCKv technology provides an unprecedented opportunity for brands, marketers and developers to engage with and build stronger relationships with consumers.

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“BLOCKv’s vision for creating a user interface layer for the Blockchain is extraordinarily compelling, especially when one considers the business and societal impact that similar user interfaces have had on other complex technologies, such as what the web browser did for the Internet, or what Microsoft Windows did for MS-DOS,” said Brad Stephens, managing partner and co-founder at Blockchain Capital. “We firmly believe that the world is ready for next generation digital objects that have real-world value and can extend beyond the digital world. Right now, BLOCKv is the only platform that facilitates the creation of such objects, which puts the company in an enviable position among both traditional and Blockchain-based companies alike.”

Ruslan Gavrilyuk, president of TaaS, said:

“We were very impressed with BLOCKv’s platform and concept around the vAtom, these smart, dynamic digital objects on Blockchains, and see great potential in the numerous consumer and business applications that could be built on the platform. We believe that BLOCKv has created something revolutionary and we are excited to be involved with the company at this critical stage of its development.”

The company recently received the highest grade at the Blockchain pitch competition at the 9th edition of the d10e Conference, the leading conference on decentralization exploring the future of FinTech, Token Generation Events (TGEs), Blockchain, Sharing Economy, Future of Work and Disruptive Cultures. The grade was based on numerous factors including such elements as its business model, team, token structure, business materials,  milestones and roadmap.

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