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Announcing the First Members of the DataBrokerDAO Alliance


Building a platform and business like DataBrokerDAO requires real sellers and buyers of IoT sensor data. Over the past couple of months the team say they  have been hard at work integrating these parties into an alliance and today they are announcing  the first two official members of this DataBrokerDAO alliance, YUKTIX and SENTHUS.

Yutix is an IoT sensor manufacturer, based in Bangalore, India. The company creates next generation information systems for agriculture and environmental Monitoring. YUKTIX solutions can be used by farmers, growers, cooperatives and contractors or in Smart Cities to drive best practices, conserve resources and improve operation efficiency. YUKTIX provides a complete end-to-end solution. Meaning, just turn “ON” the sensor nodes and collect data on the YUKTIX SensorDB. Data distribution is also made possible via webhooks and REST API’s.

Which is how they tie in to the DataBrokerDAO marketplace, offering their customers an easy path to recoup some or even all of the costs of their purchases.

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“We are happy to cross paths with SettleMint and to engage with blockchain technology over DataBrokerDAO. The integration was smooth and successful due to technical excellence. In a next step on our roadmap we intend to include a DataBrokerDAO “sell my data” option into our portfolio, as we realise this is a new monetisation opportunity for both sensor owners, data consumers and vendors”, said mr. Rajeev JhaCEO of Yuktix.

On the buyer side of things we find the SENTHUS consortium from our homeland Belgium. The SENTHUS consortium is, supported by the Brussels regions minister of economy, working to make the capital city of Brussels (both of the country and of the entire European Union) a smarter city.

“We are excited to join the consortium with DataBrokerDAO. We admire the technological excellence, and we see the DataBrokerDAO marketplace as a crucial component to make IoT sensor deployments more sustainable,” said Fanuel Dewever, founder of Crowd Angels”

This following on the heels of the announcement by a federal minister that has pledged significant investments throughout the country to make each municipality and city “smart”.

More details on the platform can be found in their whitepaper:

Any questions, opportunities or partnership requests are welcome on any of these channels:

The first phase of the token sale ends October 16th, 2017 at 5PM CET! More info on

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