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Playkey Brings in $1 Million in Pre-Sale Campaign and Welcomes Dillon Seo as VR Advisor


The Playkey project has brought in its first $1 Million of investments in its pre-sale campaign and is welcoming Dillon Seo, co-founder of pioneering virtual reality firm Oculus VR, as an advisor for Playkey on the latest VR technologies.

The cloud-based gaming project Playkey has been in operation since 2012. The company has rented servers for its operations at data centers in Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, and Russia. Using funds from the ICO, the project plans a significant change in its concept and a switch to a P2P model. So with Playkey, any owner of a powerful PC will be able to rent out the power of his hardware to other users.

Investments in ICO presale
The cloud-based gaming platform Playkey ( has received its latest round of investments in its ICO presale, this time for a record amount of $1 million.

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One million dollars of Playkey tokens have been bought up by Uncharted Capital, which specializes in investments in promising startups using blockchain technology. Regular sales of Playkey tokens will launch only on the 1st of November 2017, while the presale campaign allows early-bird investors to invest in the project under special conditions.

“In Playkey we see a promising technology, a market of enormous size, a working product, a team with expertise, and an effective implementation of blockchain technology that could clearly make the product a leader in the gaming segment. And all these components of the project together will basically change how people do gaming,” comments Leonid Markin, managing partner of Uncharted Capital. “Within the presale campaign it’s possible to take part in the project under special conditions, and we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.”

VR ambitions
Dillon Seo, co-founder of pioneering virtual reality firm Oculus VR, will advise Playkey on the latest VR technologies. Seo, who served as Oculus VR’s regional director for Korea from 2012 through 2014, will help the cloud gaming platform realize their VR ambitions as they grow the Playkey ecosystem in the wake of next month’s ICO launch.

Described by Playkey CEO Egor Gurjev as a ‘legendary figure on the video-gaming market,’ Seo is a veteran of Korea’s game industry and an expert on virtual modelling. Playkey plans to leverage this expertise and augment their existing streaming platform with the latest in VR technology.

Seo, an avid fan of cloud gaming, sees Playkey succeeding where many Silicon Valley companies have failed. He believes they have overcome the infrastructural challenges holding the industry back by applying ecosystemic dynamics:

“When I met Egor from Playkey and heard about their decentralized cloud gaming platform, I was immediately drawn by the idea and excited to see how it would be implemented in reality,” says Seo.

Seo says the key reasons he chose to work with the company were its possession of a functioning prototype of its platform,, and the potential for P2P cloud-based gaming. Playkey is currently renting servers at data centers, but with funds raised through the ICO it plans to change its operating principle and move to a P2P model that will allow any owner of a powerful PC to rent out their hardware to other users.

Seo is confident that this technology will fundamentally change the gaming industry in the near future, and that it will give users the chance to save on hardware upgrades, as well as to play back any content, on any PC:

“Platform holders like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, always face the dilemma of when to release their next generation console.”

“When they release a new console to the consumer market, they release it with technology that’s already two to three years out of date because they need to release the final specification of their hardware to developers at least two to three years before the release in order to have a handful of titles ready for launch. Their hardware specification then remains unchanged for anywhere from three to five years. This leaves a few challenges to both content developers and game players. Content developers are prevented from using the latest and greatest tricks and game players are limited to experiencing whatever the current hardware can offer. Such limitations will be lifted when the cloud gaming platform is the primary market,” says Seo.

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