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Under 1 in 10 Post-ICO Tokens are Actively Used

Token Report Releases Data on Post-ICO Tokens


Token Report, the world’s largest database of verified information on ICOs, today released data on the number of cryptocurrencies actively in use. Of the 226 ICOs in Token Report’s database that have completed, 20 of those tokens, or just under 1 in 10, are actively in use, excluding Ethereum.

“While most tokens are bought and sold on speculation, Token Report has researched and analyzed which ones are being put to use on their various decentralized apps and platforms,” said Galen Moore, Founder and CEO of Token Report. “This type of data can help evaluate future investments and indicate larger trends in token utility.”

Token Report’s newly launched membership program, Token Clarity, offers actionable ICO updates and research that provides investor insights for newcomers, high-volume traders, and institutions alike. The Token Report network offers reliable financial data on nearly every tokenization that emerges, including insights into the real-world usage of post-ICO tokens.

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The projects with tokens in use are:







Spells of Genesis










Pepe Cash (PEPECASH)



Book of Orbs (ORB)


















In a fast-growing market, cryptocurrency investors lack a reliable source of facts that affect the value of new and existing cryptocurrency assets. Token Report’s business model is based on membership fees from the individual investors, family offices and cryptocurrency exchanges that are among the users in its private beta.

Token Report’s unique token mechanism includes a tiered membership model for individuals that limits accessibility without charging exorbitant monthly fees. Institutions pay in Token Report’s cryptocurrency, EDGE, for access to the database via application programming interface (API). This allows Token Report’s dollar-denominated revenue to grow with demand, without diluting the value of its research by over-scaling its user base. EDGE will be available through a public token sale launching November 28, 2017. For more information, please visit

Token Report has built the world’s largest database of verified information on ICOs and a network that is capable of providing reliable financial data on every tokenization that emerges.

It has so far developed three products on top of this database: a weekly investor newsletter; Token Tracker, the internet’s most comprehensive ICO listing; and Token Clarity, a secure, message-based information network providing in-depth analysis of the crypto asset class.

A unique membership token mechanism makes Token Clarity an exclusive financial research product, without setting an arbitrary equilibrium between price and distribution. Token Report is the first crypto financial data provider capable of delivering investor edge to a broad range of participants in a fast-growing asset class–from individuals with long-established crypto portfolios, to newcomers, to a broad spectrum of financial institutions. For more information on Token Report and its products, please visit

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