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Santa Claus Is Moving To Blockchain! Bye, Bye Chimney!


Santa Claus is launching his XMAS token, on November 11 and says goodbye to chimney. No more dirty work for Santa, he will use XMAS tokens this season to send his gifts.

If you ever had to choose gifts for holiday season you know how time consuming and confusing it can be. This year Santa Claus and his team are launching a new and original kind of token meant to be given as gift or thank you to those you care about. You don’t need to worry about what to choose anymore, you can send some XMAS tokens, and instead of spending money on gifts which can devalue, this gift can bring more value to its owner over time.

You may ask why not send ether as gift. Santa Claus, CEO of XMAS Token, has the answer to that: “People are seeing ether like money now. It can be hard to decide how much money you want to send to X or Y, you will begin to ask if it is enough, then you will start to narrow down the list of people who will receive your attention. And before you know it, what started as a nice gesture ends with a pool of worries. That’s why people don’t give money as gift. We needed a symbol of appreciation, a symbol recognized by the entire crypto community.”

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Compared to traditional business backed tokens in cryptocurrency market, XMAS does not have a business behind it, but has a strong idea and a general need for something different in the gift industry.

There are only 3 000 000 tokens available for the crowdsale and Santa’s ICO will start on November 11 and will last until December 9. In this period, you can buy XMAS tokens directly from Santa’s digital wallet, you can find the address on XMAS token’s website. After December 9 the token will be listed on exchanges and can be widely bought from there.

Those who will have XMAS tokens in their Ethereum address on December 21 and will be subscribed to Santa’s Gift List with their wallet address, will receive a massive airdrop. Santa has reserved 1 000 000 XMAS tokens for Christmas Eve, December 24 to share with his fans. That’s about 300 000 USD value of XMAS tokens considering ICO price per token. That is Santa’s way of saying Merry Christmas this year.

You can contact XMAS Token team on:

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