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Tech Bureau’s mijin Opens Applications for Powerful New Enterprise Blockchain


Fintech and cryptocurrency solutions company Tech Bureau today opened applications for mijin’s 2.0 Catapult, a powerful new Blockchain integrating the NEM protocol to provide unparalleled performance for the enterprise. Companies are invited to apply for the β customer validation program through mid-November to be the first to use 2.0 Catapult. After participants are selected, the 2.0 Catapult address and access keys will be issued, and the Blockchain will be launched when the validation program ends.

Developed by Tech Bureau, mijin meets versatile enterprise needs with its enhanced private Blockchain. mijin uses the NEM protocol to easily create Blockchain platforms that can be used internally or in collaboration with partner companies. More than 300 organizations are already leveraging mijin’s Blockchain technology, and with its 2.0 Catapult update, mijin improves to include advanced features to boost efficiency and overall performance.

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“With a completely new design, Catapult is an important milestone in  NEM’s leading edge Blockchain project and commitment to drive innovation,” commented Lon Wong, President, Foundation Ltd. “In early 2015 we launched the initial NEM public Blockchain we took Blockchain technology to a new level. Next we created mijin, a private chain version  with enhanced performance. With Catapult, we strike again, setting a new standard in design architecture, features and performance.”

mijin provides a secure data-sharing environment with no down-time, high performance, and immutable data, all while reducing costs compared to traditional infrastructure.  2.0 Catapult provides speeds capable of handling several thousand transactions simultaneously. The service will first operate as a private Blockchain before integrating with NEM’s public Blockchain in 2018.

While the current mijin Blockchain was programmed in JAVA, 2.0 Catapult was designed in C++ allowing for the implementation of a multi-signature function on the Blockchain. It features dual licensing and will be open-source after validation testing.

For more information on applying for the 2.0 Catapult customer validation process, please visit:

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