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PUBLIQ goes public: The blockchain and AI company that fights fake news announces the start of its Initial Token Offering

PUBLIQ’s blockchain and AI content platform, which empowers authors and brings back the public’s trust in media, heads to a public ITO after a successful presale round


PUBLIQ, a non-profit foundation that developed a decentralized content platform, announces today the start of its ITO for the PBQ token. The company, which offers a first-of-its-kind economic model in an industry worth $200 billion, is creating a profitable and synergetic ecosystem for both writers and readers. Authors, journalists, bloggers, and advertisers are empowered to share their perspectives without the worry of being exploited or their work be tampered with, while readers profit from high-quality content and honest reporting.

PUBLIQ will hold its initial token offering on November 15th, where its PBQ token will be available to investors in order to drive the platform’s rewarding mechanism. The token sale will last a month, closing on December 15th. The ITO’s “crowdfunding” process attracts authors and advertisers to be a part of the future of media while also reaping the financial benefits offered. At the start of the ITO, 1 PBQ token will cost 0.00001 BTC.

PUBLIQ thrives on its unique blockchain technology and differs itself from any other enterprise that is being supported by Bitcoin and Ethereum. PUBLIQ’s core team gathers extensive experience in both fintech and media and believes in the advancement of blockchain. By creating an open and borderless neutral system, owned and governed by its members and not by third-party intermediaries, any interference toward the credibility of the content is carefully monitored by the community, who can raise flags if the content seems unreliable. Once an article is posted on PUBLIQ, the content gets cryptographically sealed and distributed to the community, offering quality and authenticity.

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Authors will be rewarded according to their “PUBLIQ score”. The score is calculated by the engagement their pieces have earned. The reward process is completed using the PBQ token: the in-house currency that was developed as a utility value for transactions on the platform.  Other participants who sustain the platform and maintain its reliability are called seeders and nodes. Both are rewarded in accordance with their activity and how often they promote or share the distributed content over the platform.

The Workflow is as follows:

  1. Author uses PBQ to post an article.
  2. Reader reads the article through its channels and can like it, share it, or raise a flag.
  3. A smart contract takes care of communicating the reader’s feedback to the analytics engine that then updates the author’s PUBLIQ score.
  4. Another smart contract takes care of crediting the author’s wallet with an amount of PBQ that corresponds to his/her PUBLIQ score.

Advertisers can use the platform as well for a more targeted advertising process, with the help of PUBLIQs new engine tools. The AI algorithm provides an advertisement placement mechanism based on readers’ preferences, but also on the nature of the articles (topics, industries etc.). It helps to determine which ad will interest which readers and channels based on the activity on the platform.

“The ITO for our PBQ token will enable our non-profit foundation to sustain a distribution mechanism that supports fair and democratized transactions. The wealth that is going to be generated during the ITO, will be used to shape PUBLIQ’s infrastructure as well as assist any interested media participants in smoothly and safely joining a unique self-sustainable ecosystem.” said Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO of PUBLIQ, “We are creating an ecosystem of credited authors with trusted reputations, and guarantee that high-quality content will be promoted over the platform. The merit-based distribution will result in a paradigm shift by unchaining the creative power of an individual to become a full participant in the economy of the future.”

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