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Blockchain News Is Merging With Token Report


After a little over two years of hard work, Blockchain News is merging with Token Report as of December 2017. Token Report is backed by well-known Bitcoin veteran Peter Vessenes and run by Galen Moore, an American financial journalist who has led and launched many news sites covering startups, technology and venture capital.</p

Token Report has designed a token and a business that changes the economics of financial research, supporting a high-growth business serving crypto’s unique mix of whales, crowds and institutions alike. The team is in the presale phase of an ICO.

Blockchain News now becomes part of that vision. Token Report’s information-gathering machine will improve and deepen the information available in Blockchain News; Blockchain News will give Token Report a public face. Combined, both will be stronger.

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The Beginning of The Journey

Like many others experience – the ‘aha!’ moment when one really gets the blockchain took some time. I was first introduced in 2014 by a friend who was rabid about coloured coins and how they could totally reshape society and was waxing some pretty seriously deep conversations my way and it was taking me some time to get my head around the blockchain. But when I got it though? I got that I needed to and wanted to know everything about it.

So I spent most of 2015 researching Blockchain and cryptocurrencies before realising that there was no publication that was homing in on what could be done with the blockchain outside of Bitcoin – what other verticals were open to disintermediation from this new technology.

I went to Coindesk and was offered 400 dollars a month to write ten articles, which was ludicrous for someone who put a quarter century into media and journalism as a professional writer with bylines in Wired, The Guardian, Harvard Business Review etc.

I told them I would just do it myself.

Blockchain News was born as an open source journalism project with no real expectations other than the intent to architect a resource that could help others explore the emerging, nascent world of the blockchain.

Build now and see what happens was the plan.

And I did in October 2015 when I floated out the url into the digital zeitgeist and started the blazing two year journey which has led to the acquisition of the site by a group with ample resources to take the publication and brand to the next level.


Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) took Blockchain News to another level both in terms of content and advertising in 2017 as it became a leading publication that covered the news in this emerging niche – but more of an ICO newswire than a traditional publication. The success was mainly due to the fact I was and am still the only publication in the cryptocurrency media arena that publishes well written, professional press releases for free – and refuses to take advertorials (sponsored content). I cut my teeth in the Canadian Arctic in the Press in the 90s when we still used glue for the galleys and I did half tones in the dark room… so I am a little old school when it comes to publishing.

My choice to follow my journalistic ethos did me well as the publication has become successful with a large following and solid revenue.

I won’t be far away. I plan to keep on as Editor at Large, contributing strategic guidance, industry analysis and my thoughts on where we have come from, where we are, and where we are going as an industry for the near future.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support on this journey, and may the winds blow your way.

Bon Voyage

Richard Kastelein

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