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WINGS Launches Beta Testnet for Crowdsourcing ICO Evaluation


WINGS, a platform designed to crowdsource due diligence and bring attention to the best upcoming ICO projects announced on Dec. 30 it has launched a beta testnet, which includes a no-code smart contract creation platform, funding management and forecasting.

The WINGS price discovery platform has helped facilitate notable ICOs launched over the past six months including Bancor, AdEx, CoinDash, and Flixxo, and has been involved with close to 14 percent of the total crowdsale launches in that time, tallying $435 million.

“Crowdsourced due diligence is a way to decentralize ICO evaluations, putting predictions of a project in the hands of the cryptocurrency community before fundraising starts,” said WINGS Co-founder Dominik Zynis in a statement. “WINGS has already proven to be a powerful tool for the ICO community, and our upcoming Beta release will offer enhanced capabilities making it the best price discovery and due diligence platform in the industry.”

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The WINGS Foundation is based in Switzerland and aims to bring high quality blockchain projects to the mainstream via incentivized swarm intelligence for value discovery. It also provides audited smart contract libraries for use in crowdfunding projects and post-funding governance.

The WINGS platform uses a blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and human evaluation to curate ICOs. Projects submit an evaluation fee in WINGS’ ERC-20 compliant token. Projects that are approved by more than 50 percent of the participating community are added to the WINGS dApp and provided a valuation via an AI system. Additional fundraising insights are collected by requesting valuation predictions from human participants who approve the ICO for inclusion on the platform.

To access and explore the WINGS testnet, visit

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