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Ripio Credit Network Partners With OKLink in Payments Tie-Up


The peer-to-peer credit network Ripio Credit Network (RCN) announced last week that it has partnered with Hong Kong-based cross-border payments platform OKLink. The partnership will explore how RCN’s global payments services can allow financial institutions to participate in the RCN network.

The partnership will also list RCN’s RCN Token, which is required for all participants in the RCN network, on the crypto exchange, OKEx.

RCN, which is based in Argentina, raised USD 37 million in an ICO that closed Nov. 6, according to Token Report data.

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RCN partner David Garcia said in a statement that the deal will boost RCN’s credit network, “helping millions to get a real funding alternative for their projects, and at the same time provide the token liquidity that our agents need.”

Jason Lau, vice president of OKEx and co-founder of OKLink, added that the OKLink partners will have an opportunity to see greater volumes and additional options, and that OKEx users will benefit from the ability to trade and gain exposure to the RCN Token.

“We are proud to partner witih RCN, whose credit solution is one of the more interesting projects in theecosystem,” said Lau.

OKLink supports payouts and collections in 40 countries, according to the release.

RCN has also recently partnered with several Asian-based crypto companies, including the Exchange Union trading network, the crypto exchange Huobi and the decentralized exchange Kyber Network. All partnerships have the stated objective of building a global lending network with the potential to offer a better credit alternative than what’s currently available.

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