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Stablecoin Havven Gets set to Airdrop 2 Million Tokens


Havven, a decentralized payment network and stablecoin, is preparing an airdrop of tokens worth up to USD 1 million, one of the largest campaigns launched, according to company. The airdrop, which begins Feb 4, offers participants and potential users a chance to secure havven tokens ahead of the company’s initial coin offering on Feb 28.

Havven allows users to transact with an asset-backed cryptocurrency pegged to the US Dollar, according to the company’s statement. Designed to provide a practical cryptocurrency, useful for everyday economic purposes, Havven uses a stablecoin model to maintain a steady value. The company’s first airdrop campaign, where participating users will receive a free distribution of tokens, will run until Feb 14. The company states that two million havven tokens will be available in the campaign, worth up to USD 1 million, the value is subject to the outcome of the havven token sale.

Founder Kain Warwick said, in a statement, “An airdrop made a lot of sense for us, we want the widest distribution of tokens possible. Our entire project is aligned with the community standards of openness and fairness, and a large airdrop is a great way to demonstrate that.”

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The team behind Havven built blueshyft, the largest cryptocurrency payment gateway in Australia, according to the statement. Walter De Brouwer from is one of the company’s high-profile advisors

Havven will offer a digital method of payment that fulfils the same three functions that traditional forms of money and asset-ownership do: act as a unit of account, a medium of exchange, and as a store of value, states the company. The tool allows people to safeguard their crypto-investments, transfer money through stable, digital currency conversions, and safely plan payments in advance as they would with fiat currencies.

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